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Color Trends in Carpeting: How to use alternating carpet patterns and colors in the same room

Add WOW factor to your carpet installation!

When carpeting your home, office or other space, using the same color throughout can look uninspiring. At the same time, it shouldn't look like a hodgepodge of floor colors. You can maintain a look of sophistication and design flair by using different shades of the same color when you use quality carpet in a space.

Examples of coordinating carpet shades and patterns that work

Neutrals — Using neutral colors for carpeting works well and goes with many types of design styles. For example, choose a light shade such as a sandy hue for the carpeting in the majority of your home or space. Then consider using darker natural-colored carpeting in a sunken or adjacent living room or formal living area that coordinates with the lighter hue. You may also do this with light and medium gray. Use the lighter color for the majority of your carpeting. Then select darker shades to highlight different areas in your home, such as an entertainment space or a library or even your home office.  However, the reverse is also possible, it just depends on what you like best.

Nature-Inspired — Using various shades of a color found in nature such as brown, green, or blue will also work well for carpeting. For example, you can select a dark, grayish green for your hallways where the foot traffic is highest. The darker color will help to hide any dirt. Then opt for a lighter green color for each of your bedrooms. A mint green will look fabulous in your living areas and keep the decor looking bright and feeling open. Blue suede and deep sea blue are also great shades to use in your home and look quite elegant with both traditional and contemporary decor styles.

Coordinating Patterns — Choosing to mix a pattern with a solid in a similar colorway is another way to create a wow factor with carpeting. A fabulous way to do this is alternating the two with a border. It works with either the solid or the pattern as the border. Choose a geometric pattern for the a transitional look or a floral design for a more traditional appearance. This look will work well in a hallway, a formal dining room, living room, or a master bedroom to give your space a distinctive flair that everyone will love.

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In a hospitality space, for example, you could also create a stripe pattern with alternating colors.  This could be a striking look in carpeting for a large event space, lobby or entranceway.

When deciding how to carpet a room create a unique high-end look by using multiple shades of one gorgeous color. Using only two or three shades works best to maintain a luxurious look.

For more information about installing carpet in alternating patterns and colors, please contact our design department at Bloomsburg Carpet today.

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