Color and Design Trends for this Summer!

Designing a commercial space or home? Lisa Slayman provides valuable insight into this summer's trends in color and texture

Painting by Karen-Margulis

Painting by Karen-Margulis


“As we approach the summer months, spending time with family and friends will become more of a priority than ever,” says award-winning designer Lisa J. Slayman, principal of Slayman Design Associates, a premier designer for Bloomsburg Carpet.  “This desire entices us to create a home environment that will be not only emotionally satisfying and comfortable but also express our own individuality.”
Emotions play a large role in how people end up selecting items of design for their homes, like carpeting.  Read on to learn more about Lisa Slayman’s perspective on emotions, colors, textures and trends for this summer!

“Color, texture, and pattern are key elements in interiors and will determine the outcome of the mood that you ultimately achieve.  With all the pent-up housing demand that is now impacting the market, there are new products being introduced in the design industry every day.    Interior design is much like fashion, as it is constantly evolving.


“I have never seen design so exciting and offer so many possibilities with the use of textures, materials and colors.  Carpet has really set an example of these trends, and Bloomsburg has lead the way by introducing  many new products  in interesting textures, subtle patterns, and soft colorations.  One of my new collections, OZ and TOTO sets the tone for summer, organic and loosely structured lines in soft, warm neutrals, latte, oyster, mica, and chiffon, could be reminiscent of the sandy shoreline and well suited for beachy, summery homes.   Bloomsburg shimmer captures the mood where tradition and modern coexist.  This pattern is in colors like Lace, Putty, and Chamois, and it could lead the way to a more tailored, modern, urban summer retreat.

“Refreshing pastels are abundant in water color pastels, a tip shear in Buttercup, Blush, Lilac, and Ocean Mist, which are easy colors that work and play well together.  They are perfect for the summer home looking for more color.  Color trends for this year still show tones of grays thriving. Colors ranging from darks to lights and soft greyed-over neutrals still dominate the carpet market.

Style Name: Oz/Chiffon Pattern Number: W4384/26 Color: Beige Yarn: 3/2 16 Lea Viscose / 2/54 Wool Backing Material: j Weave: Wilton

Oz/Chiffon – Pattern Number: W4384/26-Color: Beige Yarn: 3/2 16 Lea Viscose / 2/54 Wool
Weave: Wilton

“Other tones, such as crèmes, sand, and taupes, allow the use of bright and bold patterns and color in fabrics and wall coverings serving as a nice backdrop.  For darker saturated colors, greyed blues, anthracite, and deep amethyst in muted tones and classic black and white are popular.  Interesting textures, accents of shiny yarns, subtle patterns, and soft colorations are what the consumer is now looking for in carpet.”


Slayman Design Associates continues to work on high-end ocean front properties on the West Coast and private cinemas in the U.S. and, potentially, China.

bloomsburg carpet lisa slayman

Lisa Slayman


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