Cleaning Up After Scary Sandy

[picture: Lindenhurst – Governor Cuomo surveys the destruction from Hurricane Sandy and gives comfort to the residents whose shoreside homes were destroyed.]

Scary Sandy left many people homeless, made nurses shuffle and evacuate patients, ruined or completely shut down businesses for days and took lives.

For those neighborhoods where people still have a home and family to go home to, there are many still without power, and many people have or had knocked over trees or debris everywhere.  Something residents on the East coast have to be weary of is the damage done inside their homes like potential water damage to carpeting.  If carpeting is soaked through, many residents will need to rip out and replace in order to avoid mildew and mold.

Bloomsburg Carpet knows firsthand just how devastating water damage, mildew and mold can be to homeowners and businesses.  Last year Bloomsburg Carpet donated new carpeting to over 300 homes after Tropical Storm Lee ravaged thousands in Columbia County, Pennsylvania.  However, Sandy beat out Lee’s devastation as she damaged tens of thousands of homes.

As reported by the Huffington Post, the forecasting firm Eqecat estimates Sandy to be the second most expensive storm in U.S. history, with up to $50 Billion in damage.  Amist all the destruction, there are companies making money off of the storm.  ABC News reporter Alan Farnham said “Century Carpet Cleaning in Ocean City, N.J. Owner Rob Greenebaum told the Salisbury, Md., Daily Times on Sunday that he had been up since 5 am Wednesday, working nonstop…Eleven Century trucks are now at work in Wayne, N.J., and Greenebaum says he is bringing in extra drying equipment by the tractor-trailer load from contractors in other states as reinforcements.”

If your home was damaged by water, and your floors and carpeting have been compromised, try this website to find pre-screened disaster recovery services like water damage and restoration experts: SERVICE MAGIC 

And lastly, we cannot forget Glenda Moore, the Staten Island mother who lost two of her children as they were swept away and out of her arms.  Bloomsburg Carpet wishes peace and comfort to her family and every other family devastated by Hurricane Sandy.  We hope you recover soon.

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