Choosing The Right Commercial Carpet

Carpet covers more than 70 percent of the floors in homes and workplaces in the United States.

custom commercial carpet at the los angeles visitors center

Designers must take into consideration multiple elements and factors when working with a carpet manufacturer to create custom commercial carpeting for public spaces.

Carpet creates warmth, dampens noise, is easy to maintain and has non-slip properties; making it an excellent choice for workplace safety.


When the time comes to choose or design new carpet for an office or commercial business there are several questions that should be considered before making the choice.

  1. What is the expected life-span of the carpet?
  2. What type of traffic will be in the area you are carpeting?
  3. What type of soil will be on the shoes of the traffic?
  4. Is access to the sub-flooring required?
  5. Is there modular furniture?


Carpeting in common areas, and hallways is standard for slip protection and noise reduction.  It is also readily used in libraries, schools, offices, hotels and theaters for those same properties. Carpeting is the best solution where sound dampening is mandatory.

Once the need for carpeting in your commercial location has been determined,  it is time to decide what type of carpet is best for your needs. There are many considerations.

Construction qualities:

  • dense, low pile carpets for high traffic areas
  • cut pile in offices and other low traffic areas
  • in large open areas where maximum sound deadening is beneficial you may consider velvet carpeting due to the added surface area of the thick weave


Performance considerations:

  • wear and tear
  • spill resistance
  • heavy foot traffic
  • indoor/outdoor traffic


Color and pattern:

Carefully chosen colors and patterns can go a long way in hiding wear and tear from heavy traffic and extended use by clients, employees and the public. Often medium value colors are chosen for their ability to hide a wide range of dirt, lint and dust.  Patterned carpets is very effective at hiding dirt and debris left behind from everyday traffic. Solid color carpets, show not only dirt and lint, but are more apt to show foot prints and other traffic patterns. Lightly colored carpets show dirt in high traffic areas and dark solid colors lend the opposite effect showing dust and lint.

No matter your choice, choosing commercial carpet made in America by Bloomsburg Carpet is making an investment in traditions and value. The traditions of Bloomsburg Carpet employees and family who’ve dedicated their lives to providing a quality carpet product; and the value of long wearing, sustainable, well constructed commercial carpet made in the USA.



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