Framing your carpet or rug with a beautiful border

   This is a great year to buy a new carpet because of all the exciting patterns available. There are business-like plaids, fun repeating shapes, geometric patterns and charming colors. But you know what makes these designs even more attractive? Borders. A wide frame in a complementary color or pattern can kick any carpet's fashion quotient up a notch, and here is why:

Eye-Catching Contrast

   Anyone who has had a painting framed knows that the surrounding material can enhance the picture in the frame. The frame can emphasize the colors of the picture, give it a sturdier appearance, and add to it's beauty. The contrasting pattern of a carpet border has a similar effect with carpets. People naturally notice contrast as it helps the complementary colors of your carpet pop. If your goal is to make a statement or be a little different in your interior decor, then carpets with borders is certainly a consideration.

Other reasons to add a border to your rug or wall to wall carpeting decor

It adds the appearance, quality and texture. Contrasting patterns and colors draw the eye to the weave of the carpet and the sharp change in pattern gives the impression that the weave is different on the border. If you want to play it safe in your decor, using paint and furniture in neutral colors, adding a splash of color and pattern in your rug, throw pillows and curtains is a way of committing for now – and it's always changeable at a later date if your tastes tend to change.  

    If you are thinking about redecorating and want to see carpet borders and other luxury carpet ideas, contact us. Bloomsburg Carpet Inc. proudly woven in America since 1976.  

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