Choosing Carpet Made in the USA

When it comes time to install carpet, how do you know that you or your designer are choosing the correct carpet for your space?

It can be difficult to navigate the infinite choices.  Between, materials, weaves, colors and designs it’s a miracle that anyone can ever make a choice.  Carpets provide a safe comfy spot for children to  play and quiet warm environment in which employees can be more productive at the office. 

Nothing and I mean nothing beats the feel of a quality woven carpet under your feet.  Here are 5 tips you need to know to make sure the carpet you choose is right for your space!

1) Know the questions to ask.  Different carpets have different properties.  Some require more maintenance, some carpets can affect the health of your family (those allergic to lanolin should clearly not install a wool carpet).  Here are 5 questions to ask:

  • What is the carpet made of?
  • Is it stain resistant?
  • How do I care for it? (Manufacturers recommended maintenance)
  • How is it installed, what types of seams are used to install it? Is it hand sewn or are hot glue seams used? What types padding are used or available during the installation? And how long should I allow my space to air out before moving back in?
  • What is the expected life of the carpet for X-traffic (heavy office traffic, low traffic guest room, busy family room with children)


By arming yourself with this information, you can begin to navigate the plush sea of carpet samples by rejecting those that do not work for you, your health, and your budget.    For instance if you’re moving into your family home of the last 100 years, and you can’t imagine living anywhere else, why not install a colorfast quality woven wool carpet that will last your family generations?  Or are you remodeling a basement into your dream man cave/home theater?  Zeftron 6 Nylon may be a better bet for you there, where the potential for late night spills and natural dampness is higher.

2) Consider using a designer or dedicated manufacturers sales agent to help you make the right choices when choosing high-end woven carpets. These professionals know about regional needs such as weather, and soil types that might affect the lifespan of your carpeting.  They also have relationships with manufacturers, which means they can provide you with custom or high-end product unavailable to the general public. They will be able to provide you with a wide variety of samples that have been picked out specifically for your space and often they will bring these samples to you.  Sure, you can purchase carpeting anywhere.  However, when choosing luxurious woven carpet you may find that relying on an expert to help you wade through the infinite selections quite valuable.  Woven carpets fiber options like wool, nylons, wool-nylon blends, jute, linens, and sisals can each be used in different settings.  Each material has its own properties, and an expert will help you make the right selection for the space you are carpeting.  Almost as important as the type of fiber is the fiber length and face weight.  Fiber length is simply put, the length of the fiber that is spun into the yarn that the carpets are woven from.  The longer the fiber, the more durable the yarn will be.  Face weight is how many oz’s of yarn are above the backing, or on the face.  When you combine a long fiber with a high face weight (40 oz or higher) you have a recipe for a long wearing high-quality woven carpet.

A designer will also ensure the carpet installers are top notch.  A poor install is just as detrimental to your investment as poor quality carpet.  Lumps, and poor seams will lower the lifespan of your carpeting a qualified installer will make sure that not only you’re happy, but that the materials he’s installed in your space have the best chance at a long life.  They will be able to provide references of past installations for not only themselves but the installers you will have in your space.  Choosing an installer without experience can wind up costing you time and money.   Having good references from go, is a good indicator that your carpeting project will be completed not only on time but with skill and expert precision.  A reputable designer will also offer a guarantee of quality materials and workmanship – in writing.

3) We touched on maintenance in #1.  The type of material and style you choose can have a major impact on how you care for it.  Choose light colored cut pile and multi-level loop carpets for medium and low traffic areas (source: These types of carpets are prone to showing foot prints and traffic patterns left by heavy traffic.  While we can’t recommend light colors in high traffic areas dark colors come with their own downside too, lint, dust and pet hair are often quite visible on your dark colored carpets.  While carpet has superior wear characteristics, proper maintenance will not only extend the lifespan of your carpet but the Carpet and Rug institute also recognizes correct maintenance of carpeting to contribute to the following:

  • healthy reuse of space and materials
  • maintaining the value of property and reduces the rate of depreciation
  • contributing directly to personal security, comfort and productivity
  • accents asthetics
  • Creating a unique psychology that enhances quality of life
  • Encourages affection for a place
  • Elevates sense of well being
  • Sends caring messages and image
  • Promotes human dignity
  • Manages waste and hazards and contributes to environmental protection
  • Reduces adverse exposure levels
  • Serves as a form of insurance that reduces risk and prevents crisis


4) Carpeting stairs – Quality carpeting with a high face weight is critical for stairs.  Stairs present many obstacles that flat floors do not:

  • heavy traffic
  • highly visible
  • edges on the vertical to horizontal plain can open up


Choosing a high density cut pile carpet can provide a safe, long wearing, good looking choice for your stairs.  A designer will again provide you with the proper choices and expert installation to protect wood floors and anyone that travels up and down the stairs.  Padding should be a bit denser on the stairs due to the added traffic.

5) Consider the environment, choosing a carpet made in the USA that is also environmentally friendly just makes sense.  Bloomsburg Carpet offers a wide variety of natural and synthetic high-end woven carpets that are green label plus certified.  Bloomsburg Carpet designs, develops and creates products that avoid depletion of raw material resources and prevents further environmental degradations.  They manufacture high quality green carpets utilizing Zeftron Enviro6ix nylons, and Super-Natural Wools through a partnership with Wools of New Zealand.  Not only are the carpets produced locally from sustainable and recycled materials, but can be recycled again at the end of life, to reduce the waste created at the end-of-life cycle.

Every smart consumer knows it is important to ask questions when it comes time to make large purchases.  Being armed with the right questions will help you deal with professionals when making the decision to change or add carpeting to your home or office.  Buying from a US Manufacturer ensures quality, local jobs that

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