Celebrating 44 Years of Bloomsburg Carpet

This month marks the 44th year Bloomsburg Carpet has been weaving the finest luxury carpets. Timeless classics such as Caravan, Tigris, and Emir have been standards in our collection since our inception and have been effortlessly adopted to today’s cleaner aesthetics.

Bloomsburg Carpet’s focus on beautiful design and the highest quality will ensure our looms will keep weaving for the next 44 years and beyond!

We would like to thank all of our loyal employees and talented craftsman who give the utmost attention to quality and detail and for all their hard work throughout the years.

And to our customers, we are floored by your loyalty and thank you for your commitment to the craftsmanship and quality of Bloomsburg Carpets. We look forward to many more years of carpeting your spaces.

For more information and to view our Tuva Bloomsburg, Silver Creek and Bloomsburg Hospitality product lines visit us at bloomsburgcarpet.com.






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