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How to Dispose of Carpet with the Environment in Mind

Whether you are planning to replace your old carpeting with a new wall-to-wall carpet or other floor covering, there are a few things to know before you rid of your carpet. You may consider recycling your carpet instead of throwing … Continue reading


Summer Carpet Trends: Custom Outdoor Carpets and Rugs

So you measured your room for new carpet, your professional measured your space for new carpets and you have high quality carpeting left over from when you carpeted your home.  What to do with it?   The greatest news of … Continue reading


What happens to your old carpet?

Landfills were not designed to house durable goods like wool and synthetic carpeting. Carpet now contains more reuseable materials than ever before. The time has never been better to start recycling.        

Carpet Care: Preventing Breakdowns in Traffic Lanes

To understand the prevention of worn, dingy carpets, one must understand the construction of a quality carpet.  There are several weave types including, tufted, wilton, velvet and axminster.   Each weave can be made in an almost infinite variety of … Continue reading

Zeftron Nylon – Quality, Style and Responsibility.

For more than 40 years, Zeftron® nylon has continued to deliver more value-added opportunities and advantages to the commercial interiors marketplace through dedicated partnerships, a premium branded nylon 6 product and superior service. Based in Dalton, Ga. The brand brings … Continue reading

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New Zealand Wool: The perfect carpet fiber

New Zealand wool is not only natural and renewable, it is the most durable fiber you can use in a carpet.   The wool fiber is shaped like roofing tile.  This is mother nature at her best, making the animals … Continue reading

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The ULTIMATE Home Theater: Made in the USA – Part 2: Components

The phrase “Made in the USA” is still the gold standard the world over when it comes to choosing quality. Now that you’re building the ultimate home theater, why not install the best? American Made, flooring, furnishings and electrical components … Continue reading

Making a Comeback – Made in the USA!

More than half of U.S. based manufacturing executives at companies with sales of more than $1 billion plan to re-shore production to the U.S. from China or are actively considering it.

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Metal Edge and Tuva Structure Carpets Well Received By Industry

Both broadloom woven carpets are made of Zeftron nylon.  Zeftron six fiber is a fully renewable carpet fiber that offers not only style and performance, but the carpet is recyclable at the end of its life.

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Preserving the Future: Manufacturing Green Carpet in America.

Carpeting can offer an interior designer a considerable variety of not only colors, but designs and textures. Add to that a choice of luxuriously soft, long wearing, stain resistant fibers and the fact that quality carpet is slip resistant and … Continue reading

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