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Carpeting for your Boutique Hotel or Airbnb

Nothing is more inviting than a warm and comfortable carpet in your hotel room. Hospitality carpet at its finest.

Quality Rugs for your Airbnb

Carpeting is the perfect choice for small hotels, bed and breakfasts and even Airbnb's. As the former owner and acquaintance of a boutique hotel once said, "It's all about the feel when you walk through the door. You never get a second chance to make a first impression".

Why Carpet Should be Your Number One Choice

Whether in reception, sitting areas or bedrooms, carpet never fails to give guests that warm and welcoming feel every small hotel strives for. Its durability makes it look good day in, and day out. When selected to bring harmony to existing room decor and furnishings, it frequently is the final link that gives a room the Wow factor. Carpeting today comes in so many colors, materials, patterns, and textures that choosing the perfect design for each individual area can be quite challenging.

Balancing Your Hotel's Eco-Friendly Initiatives with Your Decor

Hospitality businesses are increasingly concerned about their personal impact on the environment, and are selecting materials for their businesses that minimize waste and encourage guests to reduce, reuse and recycle. Guests are encouraged to reuse towels and sheets for example, and in return businesses are promoting eco-friendly practices that they too are adopting – LED lights, programmable thermostats, organic cotton linens etc. Carpet manufacturers also embrace these goals and can be a major part of your eco program. Ask for Green Label Plus products and consider natural wool fiber carpets – the ultimate in a renewable and biodegradable resource.

What To Look For

Seeking the advice of a professional carpet manufacturer or dealer is one of the first steps recommended in any renovation or new design. It can, quite literally, save you hours of time – something few hospitality professionals or designers have much of anyway!

For example a reception area is typically a high traffic area. Every guest checks in here when they arrive and when they leave. Debris from shoes will enter into the building.

Carpet professionals have the experience to identify the best type and quality of carpet, taking account of foot traffic, climate, and eco-friendly considerations. A dedicated professional will also make recommendations to help minimize wear and tear on your building's floor surfaces in general – add door mats and grilles for example to entry ways to minimize the impact.

Ongoing Maintenance

Regular vacuuming is the key to keeping all carpeted areas pristine.

In the real world of hospitality, you will inevitably watch a cup of coffee spill or wine glass hit the floor. Address these mishaps as soon as you can. Spot clean that area with a recommended cleaning product and move on.  

Bloomsbury Carpet has the quality products and expertise to give your hospitality business the "Wow" factor. 

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