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Spark Creativity by Adding These Colors to Your Home

It’s that time of year again! The leaves are changing and the children have gone back to school.  The fall season got us to reminiscing about the colors of our youth. Remember walking into an elementary school classroom and seeing bright, happy colors everywehre you looked? Those colors are there for a reason – to enhance the creative processes of young minds.

As an adult, colorful interiors are usually less abundant in our lives, even though colors have the same effect on adults as they do on children. The start of the school year inspired us to explore how a simple change of color could impact our daily lives. Here’s what we discovered:

Bright colors are known to spark energy and creativity and are highly recommended for learning or working environments. Yellow stimulates optimism, hope, and balance, while red triggers the pituitary and adrenal glands, making aspects of our lives more exciting!

Our recommendation: High Plains/Pecos Sunset is a beautiful gradient of red and orange that makes a statement without overpowering the room. Check it out here.

Calm colors such as light blue or lavender have calming effects. These colors can be especially beneficial in offices where stress levels can run high and computer screens can train the eyes.

Our recommendation:  Watercolor Wrap/Lilac  sends a soothing vibe that is subtle yet complimentary to many other colors. Check it out here.

Warm tones like taupe, and peach can actually reduce susceptibility to distractions. They have been shown to stimulate creativity and give that extra boost sometimes needed to get through the day.

Our recommendation: Amici Border/Semolina is a warmer selection that still has a lot of energy, perfect for providing that extra boost. Check it out here.

Whether you’re a student, teacher, parent, or someone just in need of a little inspiration, try swapping out for these colors and see the difference it makes on your life.

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