Carpet in Airports is More Important Than You Think

Carpet makes a difference

It is an aesthetic detail that many don't stop to think about, but carpeting in an airport plays a big part on how travelers feel while they are in transit. A luxury carpet can add a subtle, but calming influence to the terminal environment. Carpet in Airports offers a tasteful reminder of home, a familiarity relieving stress and adding comfort in the process. And if people are less stressed while during their travel, the entire travel experience will be smoother and more enjoyable. 

Why one airport's carpet design became an iconic. Thanks to social media, when people got word that PDX (Portland, ME) Airport was planning to replace their 25 year old carpet, the bright blue/green design went viral- showing up in social posts, and in thousands of tagged photos.  It became such a hit, that the airport created merchandise with the carpet design, selling everything from t-shirts to socks.   

Bloomsburg Carpet Design team offers high-end, custom designed airport carpet that is manufactured in America. Some facts you may not know about Bloomburg Carpet Mill:

Bloomsburg Carpet Industries has spent the past four decades shipping quality carpet for contract and residential spaces out of their Pennsylvania mill. Their axminster, wilton, and velvet projects have been lauded in the architect and design community for years, and have evolved over time to consistently maintain a modern, but still timeless, feel.

Silver Creek products are synonymous with excellence. Using American-made fine wools, this company's work exudes the fullness of the color spectrum in patterns both traditional and futuristic. Silver Creek carpets are most commonly seen in light traffic commercial and contract settings. 

Tuva Looms takes on a more encompassing approach to carpeting to concoct a high-end broadloom collection that pleases all parties. The design desires of the client always comes first. We work to make YOUR vision come to life, not ours. Our architects are happy and grateful to collaborate with clients in order to discover the best carpeted flooring plan for your specific space.   

If you'd like more information and to view our Bloomsburg, Silver Creek & Tuva product lines visit us at One of the features of our website is our dealer locator that can find Bloomsburg, Silver Creek & Tuva products near you. You can also send us questions through our contact page. 

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