Carpet Care: Preventing Breakdowns in Traffic Lanes

When debris is allowed to remain in a carpet, it will cut at the fibers, reducing its lifespan with every step.

types_of_carpet_weaveTo understand the prevention of worn, dingy carpets, one must understand the construction of a quality carpet.  There are several weave types including, tufted, wilton, velvet and axminster.


Each weave can be made in an almost infinite variety of colors, patterns and textures. No matter what color, pattern or texture are chosen,  no matter what fibers are chosen one thing every new carpet has in common is that its fibers are smooth, whole and performing the exact task that they were placed there to do in the design process. Whole fibers reflect light, absorb sound, cushion traffic noise. It is this reflection of light off of each fiber that provides eye-catching pattern definition in a luxury carpet. The whole unbroken fiber completes a velvet carpet’s pile weight, allowing noise to be dampened by its thick plush fibers.

When debris is allowed to remain in a carpet, it will cut at the fibers, reducing its lifespan with every step. Take a good look at the microscopic image of vacuum debris in the header of this article. Note the sharp angular edges of the silica and particulates that are contained in it.

high_traffic_carpet_cleaningHigh traffic areas should not just be cleaned regularly by vacuuming or professional cleaners but the must be well padded during installation! When installing a quality carpet, you must take into consideration traffic patterns.  When a lesser pad has worn down, its shock absorbancy is now lessened, and every step exponentially tears away at the fibers, reducing the lifespan of the carpet even more.  These damaged areas will ALWAYS show eventually, however, with proper care, most carpets even in commercial offices with heavy traffic will last a decade or more with proper care and attention.

To prevent breakdown in high traffic areas, proper installation, carpet care and professional maintenance is a must.  Your sales agent, designer and installer will be able to provide you with not only the right carpeting for your needs, but the best care and maintenance information based on your traffic expectations!

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