The Top Carpet Trends for 2016

Rosario | Saddle

Color and texture are the operative terms for the top carpet trends for 2016. This is the year to reach beyond the neutral beige and tan colors to bring carpet out of the background and into the forefront as an important decorating element.

The many color variations, patterns and textures now available are elevating carpet as the focal point of inspirational interior designs.

The color of a room's carpeting can make the room look more expansive, or smaller and cozier, as desired.  For instance, a Silver Creek brand, 100% wool, Wilton special weave in a deep Saddle color with a beige border can offer the same neutral advantages as a light beige carpet, but the darker brown makes any room appear cozy and intimate.

A major shift in carpet trends for 2016 is toward soft texture and layered color. Bloomsburg's soft Open Plain/Orient style nylon velvet carpet with a jute backing comes in a deep shade of red, which is arresting without being overwhelming. The demure vertical pattern has the same effect as the dark Saddle carpet, in terms of providing a more intimate environment, but can tie in different colored accents in a way that includes the carpet as a primary design element. 

White carpeting is also trending this year, because of its ability to make a small room look larger.  A patterned white carpet, such as Bloomsburg's Marta/Ivory style in 69% wool, and 31% nylon in a Wilton weave with a jute backing, can add special visual interest and is easier to maintain than stark white carpeting. The two pale shades of high quality carpet can go far to not only visually expand a room, but to also tie it together with wall or trim colors.

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities inherent in high quality carpeting, please contact us for further information or visit Bloomsburg Carpet Here to see our quality carpet collections. 

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