Carpeting for Office Spaces

Choosing the right carpet for your new office space


Choosing a carpet for your office isn't as hard as it seems


So, you've settled on a new office location in a hoppin' business district right across the street from a Ramen Express and you're excited to settle into your new space. There's only one problem; before you move in the furniture, the place needs new carpet.

No need to stress about something like carpet; there are plenty of options to fit exactly what you like. The tricky part is identifying exactly what you have in mind; and that's not done by thinking about carpet, but by thinking about what atmosphere you wish to create in your office.

There are 3 main things to consider before making your choice, and you as an individual can decide the importance of each:


Do you want to create a cool atmosphere or a warm one? (For instance, if you have a business selling heating systems, you may want to avoid large amounts of blue in your office.)

Are you wanting to appear serious or friendly? 

Basic colors are divided into "temperatures" as following:

Cool colors include blues, greens, turquoise, and white.

Warm colors include reds, oranges, browns, and the different variants of these.

Keep in mind dark colors will create more contrast with lighter walls. Darker may create a more dramatic and sophisticated feel. 


This can be a matter of personal preference as well as a matter of practicality. (For instance, if you are a business that hires men with chainsaws to trim trees along the highway, and they come in every Friday to get their paychecks and leave wood chips on the floor, shag carpet is probably not a wise choice.)

Raised designs enhance an elegant look; low, tight weaves support a no-nonsense attitude; shag indicates…well, you can draw your own conclusions.  Be sure that a texture or pattern doesn't overpower a room, rather compliments it. 


Finally, make your choice based on the quality and durability of the product you have in mind (you won't want to replace it again any time soon). Always research the brands and read reviews; check the warranties; compare prices of different suppliers.

Choosing the right carpet for your office can be a fun, exciting event! Instead of getting overwhelmed at all the options, just relax and be true to what your office represents; it represents you.

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