Bloomsburg Carpet Industries – New Hires!

This summer brings new faces to Bloomsburg Carpet Industries!

Bloomsburg Carpet Industries is proud to announce two new hires to our team, please give them a warm welcome!

Kay Petty was hired mid-April as our new Customer Service Manager. She oversees the entire department which handles everything from the time the order is received to when it is shipped out the door. She will also handle all complaints and check stock for customers over the phone.  Kay is from the local area. She has a planning and management background.


Nicole Good is our new full time designer. She was hired at the end of May. She is currently training on the carpet design programs and helping with marketing materials. Nicole grew up in Bloomsburg and has an art and interior design background.

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At Bloomsburg Carpet Industries, we are dedicated to producing highly styled carpets of superior quality.  We are committed to the time-honored technique of carpet weaving and the beauty and excellence that this technique creates.  We are passionate about the tradition of American manufacturing and are committed to keeping the long history of carpet weaving alive and thriving in the U.S.A.  Finally, we stand behind the environmental responsibility of our products and will continue to design and produce with attention to sustainability.

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