Bloomsburg Carpet: How to Choose Carpet for Your Office

We sat down with Bloomsburg Carpet Sales Agent Jenny Lerum to talk about how the type of office and space itself plays a large role in what kind of carpet is best for customers to choose

Choosing Carpet for Your Office

Jenny Lerum is a Bloomsburg Carpet Sales Agent based out of Chicago, Illinois.  She is President of Ombre, Inc. and covers Illinois, Indianapolis & Wisconsin.  We asked her what she suggests to clients when choosing new carpeting for the office. 

Bloomsburg: The type of office and space itself plays a large role in what kind of carpet is best.  What typically happens during a sales meeting when clients need carpet for their office?

Jenny: “Customers need to define the type of facility and specific requirements they have.  We like to consider the following:

1) Is it a remodel or a new installation?

2) What is the type of facility and specific area receiving new carpet?

3) Is access to a sub-floor required?

“I would ask whether they are going to want wool or nylon, a texture or a pattern.  Usually I inquire of the budget in order to know which loom to use.  Also, I like to know about the lead-time, because it will determine if we can weave a custom pattern or use  standard stock items.  Standard stock items are where there is no customization, Bloomsburg Carpet has already designed it, and our clients can look at the samples and colors as is-these are all kept in stock at the mill.

“Usually in a meeting some of the questions will be ‘we have an installation date of xxx, can you meet this date?  This is the budget can we meet this?’ or ‘This is a design we are looking for can Bloomsburg interpret this’?  ‘We want to use this specific fiber, can Bloomsburg Carpet weave with this?’  Our goal is to provide our customers with a design that they are happy with, and at the same time, keeping in mind their budget and providing them with quality carpet that will stand the test of time.”

Bloomsburg: What inspired you to work in this industry?

Jenny: “I started in the business by designing custom rugs and then it slowly built into sales.  I was a painting major in college.  I was looking to earn some extra money and my friend who was an interior designer, told me about a showroom in the merchant mart that was looking for someone to produce renderings for custom rugs.”

If you live or work in Illinois, Indianapolis & Wisconsin, you can reach Jenny by using our Agent Finder by clicking here.

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At Bloomsburg Carpet Industries, we are dedicated to producing highly styled carpets of superior quality.  We are committed to the time-honored technique of carpet weaving and the beauty and excellence that this technique creates.  We are passionate about the tradition of American manufacturing and are committed to keeping the long history of carpet weaving alive and thriving in the U.S.A.  Finally, we stand behind the environmental responsibility of our products and will continue to design and produce with attention to sustainability.

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