Bloomsburg Carpet Donates over $1 Million to Help Community Recover from Tropical Storm Lee

21,000 Square Yards of Bloomsburg Carpet Donated After Last Year’s Tremendous Storm

It has now been a year since residents of Bloomsburg, PA, were devastated by the damage and destruction left by Tropical Storm Lee. While some damage still remains, many have been able to start fresh from the ground up after receiving donations from Bloomsburg Carpet Industries.

In the wake of Lee, our hearts went out to those struggling to get to their homes and businesses put back together. There was no question about what needed to be done, so thus began our quest to help fellow friends, neighbors and the community at large. By donating 21,000 square yards of high-end luxury carpet totaling over $1 million, 329 homes, as well as shelters, businesses and churches, have been supplied with the proper foundation to rebuild what was taken from them so suddenly.

This is not BCI’s first experience with flood damage, but it is the greatest by far. By coordinating efforts with local businesses Shaw Carpets, Bently Dye, Woolen Resources and Atlantic Yarns of England, we have been able to help so many in our community start to resume their normal lives.

Although there is nothing we can do to prevent natural disasters such as Lee from occurring, it is our responsibility as a community to help those in need in whatever ways we can. We are honored to have been able to use our resources to help others begin to recover from such a tragedy.

“When we needed help and didn’t know how to pay for it, this generous donation was such an amazing gift.”  – Pastor Valencik, Catawissa Christian Church


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