Bloomsburg Carpet and the History of Axminster Carpet

Bringing the History of Axminster to the United States

axminster sheep-and-harry

Harry Dutfield

Bloomsburg Carpet Industries, Inc. is notably recognized as the only American carpet manufacturer and carpet mill in the world to offer Wilton Carpet, Axminster Carpet and Velvet Carpet weaving all under one roof.  At Bloomsburg, the axminster carpet is produced on a jacquard loom which creates cut pile carpets with an unlimited scope of pattern design and up to 12 colors.  Quality is determined by the number of tufts per square inch, the count or weight of the yarn and the length of pile.

The history of the Axminster carpet is very interesting and a story we enjoy.  Read on to expand your knowledge of carpeting.

The first evidence of carpet was found in 6000 BC where goats and sheep were being sheared for wool and hair and fibres were being spun and woven.  Carpets and rugs have made their mark on history for every century since then; social change, economics and fashion have also shaped the design, manufacturing and use of carpets within homes, castles and commercial spaces.

Style Name: Radius/Granoble Border/Midnight Pattern Number: A1230/B

Style Name: Radius/Granoble Border/Midnight
Pattern Number: A1230/B

As for Axminster, it was in 1755 that Thomas Whitty began making Axminster carpets.  And, 102 years later, Harry Dutfield, a carpet manufacturer, was on a train where he met a vicar (a representative or deputy of a bishop).  This man told him that Axminster had not been made for a while due to a fire that had destroyed the factory.  So in 1937 they decided to relaunch carpet manufacturing in the town of Axminster.  People could then buy ‘Axminsters from the brand, Axminster’.

Bloomsburg is proud to weave and manufacture Axminster style carpets in the United States.  Take a look at all the Axminster carpets Bloomsburg Carpet offers HERE.


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