Best Vacuums for Your Home & Cleaning Tips

We share our tips on care and maintenance for your Bloomsburg Carpet, plus customer picks for the best vacuums

Bloomsburg Carpet suggests a routine be devised when it comes to caring for your Bloomsburg Carpet.

Routine carpet maintenance is made up of two daily elements: vacuuming and spot cleaning. Proper vacuuming on a regular basis is the most important of all cleaning procedures and is essential to obtain the longevity of wool carpet. A floor plan highlighting the heavy traffic should be a part of the maintenance program. These heavy traffic areas should be vacuumed daily: medium traffic areas once or twice weekly as determined by appearance. Thorough vacuuming requires that the vacuum move slowly back and forth over the area several times (3-5 times in heavy areas). It is also important to ensure good suction the vacuum bag be emptied frequently (never use a bag over ½ full).

As for the best vacuums, there are two main types of vacuum cleaners: plain suction and suction plus revolving brush and beater bar. An upright heavy duty with rotating brush/beater is recommended for cut pile carpets. Suction only types are best for loop pile constructions, but rotating brush/beater bar can be used if they don’t cause excessive fuzzing. Begin vacuuming program as soon as the carpet is installed.

We researched vacuums online that received 4 stars or higher and also asked our friends on Facebook for their favorite vacuums.  Excellent, long-lasting vacuums are very hard to find.  If you’ve got a favorite, please share it with us!


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