Beat Spring Allergies with Carpet

Warmer wet weather creates havoc for those with allergies!

pollen-types-trapped-in-carpetSpringtime showers and flowers bring on pollen, mold and other allergens. Open your home or office window to air it out after a long winter and you subject your living areas to an onslaught of environmental invaders.  If you don’t have the time to dust mop hardwood floors every day then carpet is the perfect flooring to keeping, dander, dust and pollen under control.


Carpets definitely require regular vacuuming to remove dust and pet dander with a HEPA filter vacuum. However, they also act as a filter trapping contaminate until they are sucked up from the fibers of your carpet instead of allowing every draft to sweep contaminants back into the air while sitting uncontrolled on solid surfaces flooring. Research has proven that some carpeting is up to eight times more powerful that hardwoods and other solid surface flooring at controlling airborne particulates in controlled space testing!   The Carpet and Rug Institute has this to say about clean carpeting and allergy control:

•    Asthma and Allergies
A misconception is that people with asthma and allergies should avoid carpet in the home. Actually, the opposite is true. Studies have shown that properly cleaned carpet helps reduce symptoms and is the best flooring choice for those dealing with asthma and allergies.
•    Mold and VOC misperceptions:
When carpet is kept clean and dry, mold simply cannot grow on synthetic fibers. Carpet is recognized as one of the lowest emitters of volatile organic compounds among various flooring choices and interior finishes.


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