2016 Home: Part 5 An Island To Myself

Each year, paint mogul, Dunn Edwards, shares with the world what is trending for the coming year. We're going to share with you now, how to pair what's hot with Bloomsburg's Silver Creek Carpeting...

According to Dunn Edwards; home is defined as a place of residence or refuge, as well as a place of connection, where one is most comfortable. Home is wherever we are, it connects us to our past, present and future. It allows us time to reflect, bond with others, create new experiences, enjoy playtime and plan our futures.

Welcome Home

Dunn Edwards Paint presents 5 color and design color trends for 2016. Over the past month and a half we have explored four pallets presented by the nations leading paint manufacturer.  Part 1 To The Manor Born, Part 2 Back At The Ranch, Part 3 Midnight At Bar Do Copa, and Part 4 Summer Camp.  Each theme brings forth a fresh perspective on daily living based on taste and inhabitant lifestyle. From urban bohemian to modern country, living Dunn Edwards showcases color pallets that have something for everyone in its comprehensive 2016 Home Color and Design Report.

The final theme presented in their report is "An Island To Myself" described by Dunn Edwards as:

Inspired by the visionaries and futurists, those with an eye for new ideas and a need for retreats to think of new innovations without distraction.

Digital worlds mesh with spiritual retreats without causing chaos. Minimalism without sterility. Relaxed and happy.

Importance in daily rituals and the small details. A place of meditation.

Notable events, people, trends, television and theater….


  • 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea and the 2020 Summer Olympics Japan
  • A continued trend of spiritual retreats
  • Space travel continues with the first manned flight to Mars set for 2020 by Dutch Mars-One
  • Studies in Greek Mythology expanding as we look to the stars for habitats
  • Virgin Galactic the worlds first commercial spaceline tentatively sets its first flight for late 2015


monastary_grey_carpet_MicaFor those seeking a minimalist retreat with touches of collections from travels — a place of quiet meditation.
An a-typical home with utilitarian rooms; a blend of oriental and Nordic influences with a Moroccan warm spirit and the hardiness of the seascape.

Architects and Designers are seeking inspiration from digital world. Finding influence in form, pattern and function.  Quaker basics blended with Scandinavian and Japanese influences create a soothing space of inspired by traditional minimalism; allowing those of us who are most connected in this age of constant information a quiet space of meditation and re-centering.  Starting with the soothing look and the sensuous feel of any of the Bloomsburg Carpet lines,  Bloomsburg Carpet, Tuva Looms carpet or Silver Creek carpet, you are bound to find just the right carpet for your minimalist meditation retreat. 

We hope you have enjoyed this 5 part 2016 Home Color Trend Series. Bloomsburgs extensive carpet catalog is sure to have just the right carpet for whatever your desing inspirations may be…The Wild West, The Exotic Far East, the neon Pop 80's of NYC, warm afternoons of Summers Past or the quiet peace of your own private sanctuary.


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