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Although Bloomsburg Carpet reflects hometown pride in its name, our carpets cover many regions across Pennsylvania, America and beyond! Our carpets are woven with pride in the U.S.A., and we’re more than happy to offer them to all Americans, regardless of distance.

To make it easy for our current and potential customers, we have agents strategically located throughout the US and Canada. Keep reading for a recommended agent and design for your location.


Wicket in Cream

Wicket in Cream

We couldn’t pick a better design for the golden coast than Wicket in cream. Californians can match their floors to the golden rays outside, and those in the Pacific Northwest will always have a touch of sunshine, even on the rainiest of days.

Northern California rep: Donald S. Haigh  415.258.9000
Southern California rep: Ken Shaia 949.262.1478
Washington rep: Gene Engberg 206.763.8011


From the Hamptons to the Cape, we could only think of one design for the east coast. Tessio in navy adds a nautical feel, without being too literal. The design is subtle enough for your home and can be the perfect complement to any beach house or vacation home.

Tessio in Navy

Tessio in Navy 

Massachusetts rep: Josh Matteson  877.893.6516
Philadelphia, South New Jersey, Baltimore and Washington. D.C. rep: 609.654.5924
North and South Carolina rep: David Howell 336.841.5061


Lifelines in Buckskin

Lifelines in Buckskin

Add texture and warmth to your home with our Lifelines design in buckskin. This design brings the great outdoors indoors, and it is the perfect complement to any interior style.

Texas, Tulsa and New Orleans rep: Jim Wylie 214.662.6400
Dallas, N. Louisanana, Arkansas and Oklahoma rep: Joel E. Hill 940.497.2332
Tennessee, Alabama & Florida Panhandle rep: Tom Carr 404-261-2323

For any style in nearly every location, we have designs we know you will love. Be sure to browse all of our designs  and visit our website to find an agent near you.


With our domestically located plant and our highly trained sales team stretching across the country, we take pride in our ability to offer superior service to all of our clients.  At Bloomsburg Carpet you never have to worry about overseas shipping costs or delays- we can ship to anywhere in the continental US in as few as 3-5 business days. We welcome visits to our plant and encourage regular communication throughout the design and production processes to ensure alignment and satisfaction from start to finish.  As the only mill with Axminster, Velvet and Wilton weaving under one roof, and the only remaining Axminster mill in the US, our offering is truly unique.

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