American Design Influences: Television Reality and Fiction

There's no doubt that television holds a huge influence in what Americans are asking for from interior designers.

Kris Kardashian's home office features a greek key carpet similar to Bloomsburg Carpet's Gretl pattern.

Kris Kardashian’s home office features a greek key carpet similar to Bloomsburg Carpet’s Gretl pattern.

Network and cable television production teams spend millions of dollars developing series studio sets and producing reality series. These shows are beamed into the homes of every American family 24 hours a day. Setting a new standard, a higher standard, for American interior design.

Reality  shows like Keeping Up with The Kardashian’s and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have provided every day Americans with a look at the high-end interior designs of the rich and famous. You could parallel this phenomenon with the Art Deco design era spurred by the Industrial Revolution in the 1920s and 30s, which made replica rugs and design decor once custom made designer pieces available once only to the rich and famous, readily available to the masses.

Designers like Oprah Winfrey’s Los Angeles based Rose Tarlow and  Kris Kardashian’s interior designer, Jeff Andrews, have become household names due to the commercialization and televising of  their celebrity clients homes. Thanks to programs like HGTV’s, “The Property Brothers” and “Love it or List it”, Americans have become immersed with a new model for interior design. These shows are providing not only access to information about high-end interior products, but showing everyday people using designers who provide them with luxurious interiors in everyday homes.

Housewive's living room depicted here could feature Bloomsburgs Shimmer/Lace by Silver Creek.

“Housewives” living room depicted here could feature Bloomsburg’s Shimmer/Lace by Silver Creek.

Dr. Karen Tongson teaches a course on reality television at USC in Los Angeles, CA. She states in an interview on, “Television homes have generally had limited influence on the American public, mostly because viewers knew they weren’t real. But by the early 2000’s and an explosion of reality programming, watching how people live has made the homes and apartments (of the mega rich) as much a character (in the shows) as the people who live in them.”

The Producer of Bravo’s the Housewives of (insert city here) insists that the homes featured on his series are untouched and unadulterated by the networks. He does admit to some creative lighting and that some of the families may hire their own decorators and stylists to prep their homes.  Bottom line says the producer, “there is so much great design available; great pieces … people want to be surrounded by great design”.

America’s elite no doubt expect quality products that will last longer than they want them.  Carpet made in the USA by Bloomsburg Carpet makes this a reality by providing thousands of ready to use, fine carpet collections. The only limit to Bloomsburg Carpet’s custom design options is a customer’s imagination.

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