At Bloomsburg Carpet Industries, we are dedicated to producing highly styled carpets of superior quality.  We are committed to the time-honored technique of carpet weaving and the beauty and excellence that this technique creates.

We are passionate about the tradition of American manufacturing and are committed to keeping the long history of carpet weaving alive and thriving in the U.S.A.

Finally, we stand behind the environmental responsibility of our products and will continue to design and produce with attention to sustainability.


Bloomsburg Carpet, situated in the picturesque Susquehanna Valley of Pennsylvania, was founded in 1976 by Raymond P. Habib along with twelve experienced employees dedicated to maintaining the craft of carpet weaving in the U.S.A.  Today, over 35 years later, Bloomsburg Carpet's integrity is maintained & strengthened by the leadership of Raymond's son, Thomas Habib. Bloomsburg continues to grow and expand but our commitment to quality and design remains strong.

We are proud to be notably recognized as the only mill in the world to offer Wilton, Axminster and Velvet weaving all under one roof.


Textile weaving is a method dating back thousands of years in which yarns running in both the warp and weft direction are interlaced to create a fabric. Today, weaving is still considered the gold standard of carpet manufacturing.

Bloomsburg Carpet combines American weaving craftsmanship with premium fibers to create carpet textures & designs that are unparalleled in the industry.  The axminster carpet is produced on a jacquard loom which creates cut pile carpets with an unlimited scope of pattern design and up to 12 colors.  The wilton carpet is also manufactured on a jacquard loom which offers design flexibility. With the addition of wires, the wilton loom can have various pile options including level or multilevel piles, cut and/or cut and loop.  The velvet loom uses a wire system that allows for a wide variety of texture & color effects that can be produced with loop and/or cut pile of varying heights.