5 Online Tools for Designers and Home Owners

Free and easy tools to help interior designers and home owners alike

The best interior designers are good at knowing what will work in a space and what will not.  This comes after years of experience working with different clients and spaces and also having that amazing talent to “magically” pull all elements together so they work in harmony and balance.  With all that is available to us in technology it’s not surprising that even the best designers are using online tools to help them envision, plan and execute designs.  These webapp tools not only help them to work better, they also save time and help “sell” their concepts to clients.  And these tools also help home owners or businesses to get ideas down first and easily communicate a vision before meeting with interior designers.

Check out these tools that make it so easy for designers, home owners and businesses to plan and design spaces:

Houzz.com – is one of our favorite new tools.  If you haven’t used this tool yet, forget about your Pinterest account.  By typing in things like “grey walls,” or “wood shutters,” or “french decor” you will find what you need much faster than daydreaming on Pinterest.  Houzz will present you with thousands of examples of full room settings and closeups.  Use this tool to also find professionals in your area – anyone from interior designers, to landscapers, painters and more.

Homestyler – This  free online home design software “brings your interior design plans and remodeling dreams to life.”  Like My Deco 3D Planner, there are easy drag and drop features, brand name products, and 3D views.  Not sure what color carpet or pattern you want for your room or office space?  Start designing.

My Deco 3D Planner – “The worlds biggest range of furniture in 3D from top brands is ready for you to test in your home.”  This online tool allows you to insert walls, doors, windows and select from a gallery of interior finishes.  You can upload your own floor plan, or use pre-loaded floor plans and then view your plan and 3D image at the same time.  This program works for beginners and is also available in a pro version.  Use the furnish and decorate tool to drag and drop the rest of what you’ll need for your room like cabinetry, appliances, furniture, and many decor items.  If you need a carpet manufacturer to personalize your space with area rugs or wall to wall carpeting, they list several manufactures.  Have an iPhone? Get the free app to download 3D furniture in your rooms

ColorJive.com is best for people who are deciding on paint colors and schemes.  Upload an evenly-lit picture of a room, and the original wall paint color changes as you click on it to select new shades you like. “For picking out your own color schemes and shades in a more abstract, professional manner” Kevin Purdy of Lifehacker.com recommends to try the “Color Scheme Designer 3 for a color-wheel-based approach, or upload an image you love the look of to the Colors Palette Generator.”

When you go shopping for decor, furniture or carpeting, it’s good to have an idea of how everything will look to scale.  Online galleries help when you’re considering different colors and patterns.  Take a look at the Bloomsburg.com Room Scene Gallery to see views of different carpet patterns within homes and offices.

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