2016 Home: Part 4 Summer Camp

Dunn Edwards Defines colors and design 2016 ... each year the paint mogul's share with the world what trends are forecast. We're going to share with you now, how to pair what's hot with Bloomsburg's Silver Creek Carpets. Enjoy!

According to Dunn Edwards; home is defined as a place of residence or refuge, as well as a place of connection, where one is most comfortable. Home is wherever we are, it connects us to our past, present and future. It allows us time to reflect, bond with others, create new experiences, enjoy playtime and plan our futures.

Welcome Home

2016 presents 5 color and design color trends, each exuding confidence with strong dark midtones mixed with milky pastels. They are inspired by romantic history, decadent atmospheres and retro influences. In part four we're going carefree and happy with a quaint window of summers past! Summer Camp is a clean-retro spirit, inspired by summer vacations with family and lazy days at the lake.

Notable events, people, trends, television and theater….


  • National Park Centennial Celebration
  • Family Trips are once again trending
  • Mod-fashion Crayola NY partnering with Bloomingdales to create garments out of crayons
  • Movie: Finding Dory (Finding Nemo 2)
  • Movie: Love and Mercy



For those with a love of retro design, a day filled with dreams and playtime and a vivacious love of life. A warm version of daily life, cozy design, softened retro, embellished basics.

Architects and Designers are celebrating a happy and playful color pallette, with retro sorbet hues reminicent of family outings and trips, sunny days and relaxing in the sun. 

Summer Camp is an updated twist on '50's and '60's influence. Whatever your design thoughts are, find just the right color carpet to give your ideas a firm footing.  Browse Bloomsburg Carpet, Silver Creek Carpet and Tuva Looms carpet information and samples, let us inspire your design.

This 5 part 2016 Home Color Trend Series will Conclude with Part 5: An Island to Myself in two weeks! BloomsburgCarpet.com is sure to have just the right carpet for whatever your design inspirations may be…The Wild West, The Exotic Far East or the neon Pop 80's of NYC!

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