2016 Home: Part 2 Back At The Ranch

Dunn Edwards Defines colors and design 2016 ... each year the paint mogul's share with the world what trends are forecast. We're going to share with you now, how to pair what's hot with Bloomsburg's Silver Creek Carpets. Enjoy!

According to Dunn Edwards; home is defined as a place of residence or refuge, as well as a place of connection, where one is most comfortable. Home is wherever we are, it connects us to our past, present and future. It allows us time to reflect, bond with others, create new experiences, enjoy playtime and plan our futures.


Welcome Home

2016 presents 5 color and design color trends, each exuding confidence with strong dark midtones mixed with milky pastels. They are inspired by romantic history, decadent atmospheres and retro influences.  A follow up to DE's Spirit of the West, Back at the Ranch is charged with creating a home base filled with memories.  The wild west offered unlimited opportunity sparking a new generation's imagination with steam-punk and revival of straight razor shaves at the corner barber and fresh tattoos.  Folk heros and anit-heros wild and free with no limits on what the future holds.

Trends, Design,TV, Theatre….


  • The Getty Foundation is following up with an enterprising collaboration to be displayed in 46 shows from San Diego to Santa Barbara.  Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA is a fresh look at vital and vibrant traditions in Latin American Art.
  • Tiny House Movement
  • Craft Beer Industry trending from hobby to full fleged businesses.
  • Movie: Slow West
  • Movie: Mad Max: Fury Road
  • TV: Salvage Dogs
  • TV Building Alaska
  • TV: The Last Alaska
  • TV: Season 5 of Mountain Men
  • Theater: Paint Your Wagon – Broadway


bohemian-miniamalist-designFashion again leads the pack with a forward look on the human spirits desire for freedom with a 70's revival meets gypsy bohemia.

Collections feature neo-classical shapes in mosaic patterns and checks.  A  multi-centennial color pallet reminiscent of bohemia, the wild wild west and as most of readers will remember the kitchens of every baby-boomer. Henna reds, golden and mustard tones, chocolate to russet and ginger to marigold are featured in muted soft fabrics and groovy metallics alike. Each highlited in high style by Bally, Burberry, Givenchy, Hermes, Hilfiger and Lepore at Fashion Week 15/16.

Archetechture and Interior Design seemed to take a page out of their kissing cousins play book taking inspiration from abandoned churches and historic western ranches where the sky was both figuratively and litterally the limit.  Most notable in the design of film maker Francis Ford Copolla's new Sonoma, CA Winery Inglenook.  The design inspiration for which was the American West and the Orignial American Indian Tribes of North America.

Made in the USA – One thing is for certain, Bloomsburg's extensive Silver Creek and Tuva Catalogs are sure to have the perfect carpet for any interior!

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