2016 Home: Part 1 To The Manor Born

Dunn Edwards Defines colors and design 2016 ... each year the paint mogul's share with the world what trends are forecast. We're going to share with you now, how to pair what's hot with Bloomsburg's Silver Creek Carpets. Enjoy!

According to Dunn Edwards; home is defined as a place of residence or refuge, as well as a place of connection, where one is most comfortable. Home is wherever we are, it connects us to our past, present and future. It allows us time to reflect, bond with others, create new experiences, enjoy playtime and plan our futures.

Welcome Home.

2016 presents 5 color and design color trends, each exuding confidence with strong dark midtones mixed with milky pastels. They are inspired by romantic history, decadent atmospheres and retro influences. We'll discuss each trend in the coming weeks delving into the trending inspirational cues for each theme. This blog will discuss the dark, rich colors inspired by modern twists of Shakesperian motifs.


An homage to The Bards Hamlet, this is Dunn Edwards next romantic chapter. It is a welcome to the romantic, questioning and introspective customers. Fashion presented classic, opulent and melodramatic with a touch of Gothic and Victoriana. Textiles featured subtle luxury to out-right opulence with neutral pinks, mauves and lavender casts in ebonies and cocoa's. Each of these themes are mirrored in the 2015-16 releases including Seasons 5 &6 of our favorite television drama Downton Abbey as well as these other movie and television releases:

The Huntsman

Open Plane in Orient red compliments any royal chamber. Here the Queen confronts the Huntsman about Snow Whites reappearance.



Mr. Holmes 2015

Granoble in Moss is the perfect flooring to keep Sherlock Holmes warm by the fire while reviewing the notes of his latest study…

Ian McKellen mr holmes interior


Tim Burtons: Through The Looking Glass

An amalgam of sights, textures and colors, even the movies promotional matierials feature layers of rich rugs laid out beneath the feet of the some of the most beloved characters of all time. Here we've matched a myriad of red carpets to recreate a fantasy tea party perfect for any girls dream come true.  Time & Again, Bitterman in crimson, Granoble in Rust and Open Plane in orient are all available at a dealer near you.



To The Manor Born reflects a soft hushed color pallet with neutrals paired with darker and midtone shades. Creating a timeless, misted elegant feeling; allowing for reflection of light spawing a sense of wonder about the history of the time and place you call home.



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