Quality Carpet In The USA vs. Hand-Loomed From India

How to tell the difference

Choosing a quality carpet or rug is an investment expected to provide years of use. Many imported rugs from India attempt to mimic high-end carpet but are actually of inferior quality. Imported products may be appealing for several reasons, but making an informed and knowledgeable decision will protect your investment. Purchasing carpet made in America ensures that the rug you chose is a quality product, and provides the durability and beauty expected from a high-end carpet.

Woven vs. Tufted

Construction type is a significant factor that determines the quality and performance of any rug or carpet. The two primary methods are easy to identify and provide a good indication of quality.

Woven carpet and rugs use a process of interlacing face yarns and backing yarns at a right angle which are then knotted to form a finished product. The reverse side of a woven carpet is recognizable by the noticeable knots and pattern on the back of the piece. Several methods of weaving are used to create high-quality carpet and rugs, and typically high-end carpets are woven.

Tufted rugs use a manufacturing process that does not use knots. The technique takes considerably less time than weaving, reducing production costs and creating an affordable product that is easily mass produced. Tufted rugs may use high-quality wool but shed due to the construction technique used. Lower quality tufted carpet or rugs can be identified by the material covering the reverse side, concealing the construction.

Hand Knotted vs. Hand Loomed

Hand Knotted rugs are woven, may consist of over 240 knots per square inch, and take months to complete. Each hand-knotted rug is a unique, one of a kind product that is durable, able to withstand heavy traffic, and will last 20 or more years.

A new type of tufted rug from India called India "hand loomed" and India "loomed by hand" has created confusion and disappointment among consumers. This new type of rug mimics the appearance of a high-quality carpet and is being presented and priced as such. The process of hand looming uses a loom which presses fiber strands together and connects them with a thin thread. The technique leaves the ends and sides of the finished product unsecured and rugs are crafted in hours rather than months.


When purchasing a rug or carpet, it is beneficial to have a basic knowledge of rug and carpet construction techniques. Choosing a rug made in America by a manufacturer such as Bloomsburg will ensure that you avoid costly mistakes and receive the best value and highest-quality carpet available. To learn more about this or anything else contact us today.



For luxury woven carpet that is Made in America, Visit Bloomsburg Carpet, Carpet at it's Finest

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Bloomsburg Carpet, weaving carpet at its finest since 1976.

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Ready for a Spring Refresh?

Check out the beautiful spring colors of our Stromboli line!

Stromboli is a 100% wool carpet fashioned with a luxurious nubby texture. Offered as 12’ wide broadloom, our in-house rug workroom can convert Stromboli or any other product into custom sized rugs with serged or bound edging.
See the new Stromboli HERE    Proudly Woven in America!
For more information and to view our Bloomsburg, Silver Creek & Tuva product lines visit us at bloomsburgcarpet.com


For luxury carpet that is Made in America, Visit Bloomsburg Carpet, Carpet at it's Finest

Contact Bloomsburg Carpet Inc.  Click here to locate a dealer or agent.

Bloomsburg Carpet, weaving carpet at its finest since 1976.

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Magic carpets: Five fun things to do with kids on the floor

Carpets: Woven Into Memories

Like many people, I have vivid sensory memories of my parents' and grandparents' carpets: their smell (generally old and wooly with a hint of dust), their feel (from the better-kept soft and plush to antique scratchy and threadbare) and their ornate patterns (generally nineteenth-century Turkish with a few Southwestern Indigenous designs). I even recall having childhood dreams in which the mixed-up, surreal versions of various familial houses nearly convinced me they were real because the intricately patterned rugs looked so lifelike. So you could say the carpets, which adults don't notice nearly as much as kids do, were woven into my consciousness.

Game night on the floor

Invest in Quality

As every oft-tripped parent knows, children spend an incredible amount of time on the floor, interacting with carpeting with their entire bodies. So high-quality, natural choices are worth every penny: not only are they free of the toxins released by much cheap carpeting, but their qualities and craftsmanship will create lifelong memories that are woven over time into children's sense of affection for the places they grew up. This is all the more true for families like mine who move quite a bit: the carpets we played on stayed the same (with some fading and wear) even as the rooms around them changed.

Boring rainy days: an endangered childhood pleasure?

When I was a kid, no one needed to think about how to help kids have fun messing around on the floor, any more than they needed to encourage us to go sledding or climb trees. But today, children might spend most of their at-home lounging-around time glued to screens. We worry that they're not getting outside enough, but they're also missing out on those unsung, but quintessential, indoor childhood experiences.

Here are some ideas for when screen time is over and it's still raining out. They'll keep kids happy for a surprisingly long time, and might just create some lifelong memories of home that are sensory and specific, grounding the sense of nostalgia that keeps me going back to my family's house, where I like lounging around on the carpet even as an adult.

5 Ideas for Fun on the Floor


1. Nice carpets + bare feet = better

Caring for carpets can be a headache, especially in winter when little boots track in goodness knows what. If you have a nice new carpet or are picking out a new one, think about instituting a no-shoes rule indoors. It's the "civilized" norm in many cultures, and for good reasons. More and more scientists agree that barefoot is better for growing feet. And who doesn't have childhood memories of how their carpets felt underfoot? For that matter, why not slip off your shoes and enjoy your investment in quality carpeting to the fullest?

2. Carpet as nonslip fort foundation

Whoever has built a cushion fort knows that a slippery wood or linoleum floor just won't do. Those cushions will slip and fall like a house of cards. But carpets make a great foundation and a comfy floor for the inside of your kiddos' plush castle. Get away from your laptop, grab a book and crawl in there with them!

3. Games that work better on a carpet

Speaking of getting down on their level, carpeting sure helps prevent bruised knees. And while some of us like lying on a hard floor, if your feet are in the air with a probably-too-big-for-this child balanced on them, it helps to have something to cushion your back. Same goes for spontaneous wrestling matches.

When kids seek to fill those gross-motor needs by running races around the house, carpeting helps them hug the corners without wiping out. Of course they love sliding in their socks on bare floor, but as my mother used to say, "socks don't grow on trees!" And neither do ER copays. Carpeting keeps them safe when the chase is on, and it even spares those nice wool socks you bought them for Christmas. 

4. Take a "magic carpet ride"

Okay, so now would be the time to admit that "Aladdin," which came out when I was six, kept me hopeful that the throw rug I periodically tried jerking into the air (while sitting on it, of course) would someday lift off. Your kids probably won't have any better luck than I did, but, as with many of the sensory indoor games in this post, they'll be learning the laws of physics without even knowing they're learning.

5. Make throw rugs "islands in a lava pit"

Does this one need any explaining? Bare floor is deadly, duh! Don't step on it or you're burnt to a crisp. Why doesn't the carpet melt in the lava? Aw, mom, you ask the dumbest questions.

To lay the carpeting for a lifetime of indoor fun and memories, contact us.


For luxury carpet that is Made in America, Visit Bloomsburg Carpet, Carpet at it's Finest

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Bloomsburg Carpet, weaving carpet at its finest since 1976.

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A Glimpse Inside Our Axminster Mill

Axminster Carpet Made in America

Check out some of the recent custom carpets woven in our Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania facility on our high speed Axminster equipment!
Let us know how we can best assist you on your custom Axminster project!
Watch the ONLY High-Speed Axminster Carpet Being Woven in the USA:
Proudly Woven in America!
For more information and to view our Bloomsburg, Silver Creek & Tuva 
product lines visit us at bloomsburgcarpet.com
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What Factors Make A Carpet Ideal For Installation on Stairs?

There's more to consider when choosing stairway carpet than you thought.

There's nothing like the luxury of carpeting on a staircase. Not only does it give the stairwell a finished look, it's also more comfortable underfoot and, if you choose wisely, it makes the stairs safer as well. Hard flooring, on the other hand, can be slippery, and if you fall on the stairs, the hard surface offers nothing to cushion your fall.

So choosing a carpet for your stairs is important not just in terms of looks, but from a safety standpoint too, but only if you choose the correct type of carpeting …

Thicker Does Not Mean Better

Thick, plush carpeting is wonderful to step on when getting out of bed, especially if it happens to be a chilly morning. But like anything else, it's got its place and also limitations when it comes to its performance on a staircase. A too-thick carpet is difficult to wrap tightly around the front edge — called the nose — of each step. Because it doesn't wrap tightly around the nose of the step, it has the effect of acting like a ramp when your foot hits it, increasing the odds of slipping and falling. Using a tighter weave eliminates this problem.

Bloomsburg Carpet Runner: Sollozo in Nickel

Durable = Long-Lasting

Because stairs get more foot traffic than anywhere else in the home, be sure to choose the highest grade your budget allows, in the style that you like. It's not just the traffic issue that necessitates a durable carpet on the stairs, it's the fact that they take more abuse because gravity adds to the force of your feet each time you go down them.

Carpet for Stairway

Carpet for Stairway

Look for Good Soil Resistance

Because stairs are so frequently used, they're subjected to more dirt and debris from the soles of your shoes than other areas. Even if you're barefoot when you use them, the oils from the bottoms of your feet can, over time, create a soiled area along the center of each stair.

When it comes to choosing carpeting for your staircase, you can see that choosing a style and a color or pattern are secondary to making sure the carpet you choose will install snugly, thereby increasing safety, and that whatever you choose can ultimately stand up to the abuse of lots and lots of trips up and down the stairs by everyone in the family every day for years to come!

Bloomsburg Carpets have covered the floors of countless stairways, not to mention high end custom carpet installations in prestigious hotels, airports, the United States Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court, as well as countless other historic buildings!  

Contact us to learn more about choosing the best carpet for your staircase — or for any other room or area in your home or business!


For luxury carpet that is Made in America, Visit Bloomsburg Carpet, Carpet at it's Finest

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Bloomsburg Carpet, weaving carpet at its finest since 1976.

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New Introductions from Tuva Looms by Bloomsburg Carpet

From the luxury carpet brand that is loved by designers

TUVA LOOMS is proud to reveal a new collection and a new logo too.  Both, specifically designed with architects and designers in mind.    
Presenting The Essential Itinerary Collection; a woven, solution-dyed nylon collection featuring 3 different patterns: Destination, Monocle and Retreat. 13 colorways are available ranging from pop red to subtle and classy greys.  With such a diverse range of textured designs and colorways, you are sure to find an option you and your clients will love.

Click your favorite pattern to view.

For luxury carpet that is Made in America, Visit Bloomsburg Carpet, Carpet at it's Finest

Contact Bloomsburg Carpet Inc.  Click here to locate a dealer or agent.

Bloomsburg Carpet, weaving carpet at its finest since 1976.

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Keeping Cozy this Season with Bloomsburg Carpet

Warm up your home with a beautiful wool carpet from our Silver Creek collection.


Tatami : Dovetail : SP4796/5RPin Dot : Pacific : SP4292/1

Gracious Grid : Birch : SP4237/6

Ariel Collection : SP3863


For luxury carpet that is Made in America, Visit Bloomsburg Carpet, Carpet at it's Finest

Contact Bloomsburg Carpet Inc.  Click here to locate a dealer or agent.

Bloomsburg Carpet, weaving carpet at its finest since 1976.

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What Kind of Padding Is Best For Your Carpet?

Shopping for new carpet? Don't forget the padding. There are many choices!

Beautiful Broadloom Luxury Carpet for your Bedroom

Where do you begin?

Consumers spend most of their time debating over carpet color, styles, and texture. However, equally important is finding the best padding to support the carpet and your feet. Just as your home's foundation is imperative to a lasting home, the cushion below carpet helps increase longevity, improve comfort, and provide insulation.

The padding is important enough that even the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) have specific guidelines and classifications. Currently HUD specifies 2 classes of cushion. Class 1 for light to moderate traffic and Class 2 for multifamily areas, corridors, and stairs. Below are some ideas to help in the floor shopping adventure.

Thickness and Density:

    • Typical carpets require a thickness range between 7/16 to 1/4 inch.

    • For Berber or low profile options chose no more than 3/8 inch thick.

    • Recommended density for Berber is 8 pounds per cubic feet.

    • Professionals and carpet manufacturers recommend 7.5 to 8 lbs for most

Bloomsburg Carpet


  • Prime Polyurethane Foam – made from large pieces of foam, soft, same material used to cushion car seats and furniture. HUD recommends 0.375 thickness, 2.2 lbs per cubic foot. Not recommended for high traffic areas.
  • Frothed Polyurethane Foam – versatile, resistant to furniture indents, and extremely durable. Same material used in carpets with attached foam. Can be used in light, moderate, or heavy traffic areas. HUD minimum standards recommend 0.25 thickness, 10 lbs per cubic foot for light to moderate, and 12 lbs for heavy.
  • Bonded Polyurethane Foam – made from 100% recycled foam scraps bonded to fabric, net, or plastic for added strength. About 85% of installations use this option. HUD standard is 0.375 inch, 5 lbs for light to moderate traffic, and 6.5 lbs for heavy traffic.
  • Flat Rubber – solid, heavy in weight, long-lasting. Good for high traffic areas. HUD standard is 0.22 inch, 18 lbs for light to moderate traffic, and 21 lbs for heavy traffic.
  • Waffled Rubber – spongy, porous material that provides a soft cushy feel. Typically best used in light traffic areas.

Both carpet and padding share an equal importance in maintaining longevity, beauty, and resilience. Recent research defined that carpet with no cushion had an average of 19.3% loss in pile height versus 5-10% loss with a separate cushion. Consumers armed with the best knowledge can find the right combination between both that results in better performance over time. If you would like to learn more, please contact us


For luxury carpet that is Made in America, Visit Bloomsburg Carpet, Carpet at it's Finest

Contact Bloomsburg Carpet Inc.  Click here to locate a dealer or agent.

Bloomsburg Carpet, weaving carpet at its finest since 1976.

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FALL in L♥VE with Bloomsburg Carpet

Don't let your floor be the scariest thing this Halloween!
Check out our beautiful woven wool specialties at BloomsburgCarpet.com 

Fine Carpeting by Bloomsburg; Proudly woven in America
For more information and to view our Bloomsburg, Silver Creek and Tuva product lines, visit us here.







Bloomsburg Carpet is the only mill in this country manufacturing all three weaves; Axminster, Velvet, and Wilton. all under one roof, thus offering its clients a great deal of flexibility. The design studio also continues to challenge technology by creating innovative patterns and weaving structures that correspond with currents trends. Because of our strict adherence to only top quality standards, Bloomsburg manufactures exclusively woven carpets. Our stock lines include wools, wool/nylon blends, and 100% nylons.  Bloomsburg Carpet; proudly woven in the U.S.A.
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The Fashionable Floor for 2017

Carpeting is just one of many tools you use to create a statement in your environment. Whether you are looking to add a certain flair to your home or are redecorating an office, you want the room to project who you are and what you value.

Fashion is cyclical. What was old eventually becomes new again, what was new inevitably becomes dated. Carpeting is no exception to that rule. If you have decided to update the look of your indoor space, here are some trends for 2017 that you might find interesting. This year's trends are geared towards color and texture.

Texture Trends

Texture is everywhere this season, from toss pillows to lampshades. Textured carpeting will add visual interest to your room.

  • Broadloom carpeting will give you many options for texturization. With choices from a modern braid to a textured wool, broadloom may be just what you are looking for to complement your décor.


Ribbed carpet

  • This texturized carpet has been popular in offices for quite some time. While still popular in the office, it has made its way into the home. While this trend may pass quickly, it is expected to be found in more homes throughout the year.


Cut and loop

  • Cut and loop carpeting adds a lot of pattern and texture options and first became popular in the 1970s. This style may have found its way back again because of the variety of pattern options.


Geometric patterns

  • Look for either pattern prints or neutrals with a pattern created different yarns within the weave. 
Color Trends


Colors set the mood for your surroundings. 2017 has trends, but not rules.

  • Neutrals -this year's neutrals are inspired by nature, colors like sand, olive, and camel
  • Greys -also a popular color last year. Choose a deep grey to offset a variety of accent colors
  • Reds and Bold Colors- the furnishings can also be a bold  color or neutral with bold accents
  • Greens- any shade of green, from lime to emerald.


Eco-friendly carpets 

The trend towards eco-friendly carpet continues. Environmentally conscious consumers are turning to eco-friendly carpets containing recycled materials. Many are searching for natural fiber blends as well.

For luxury carpet that is Made in America, Contact Bloomsburg Carpet Inc.  Click here to locate a dealer or agent.  

We have been weaving carpet at its finest since 1976.

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