New to the flock: Heather Shear Carpet by Silver Creek

A beautiful, versatile carpet for any room in your home, office or place of business

Heather Shear features 11 colorways with soft and sturdy 100% wool fibers. A random tip shear gives Heather Shear a beautifully tailored texture, perfect for any room setting.
Check out your local dealer using our Dealer Agent Locator to see Heather Shear and our other recently released line, Color Magic, here
Check Out Heather Shear here
Check Out Color Magic here
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Color Trends in Carpeting: How to use alternating carpet patterns and colors in the same room

Add WOW factor to your carpet installation!

When carpeting your home, office or other space, using the same color throughout can look uninspiring. At the same time, it shouldn't look like a hodgepodge of floor colors. You can maintain a look of sophistication and design flair by using different shades of the same color when you use quality carpet in a space.

Examples of coordinating carpet shades and patterns that work

Neutrals — Using neutral colors for carpeting works well and goes with many types of design styles. For example, choose a light shade such as a sandy hue for the carpeting in the majority of your home or space. Then consider using darker natural-colored carpeting in a sunken or adjacent living room or formal living area that coordinates with the lighter hue. You may also do this with light and medium gray. Use the lighter color for the majority of your carpeting. Then select darker shades to highlight different areas in your home, such as an entertainment space or a library or even your home office.  However, the reverse is also possible, it just depends on what you like best.

Nature-Inspired — Using various shades of a color found in nature such as brown, green, or blue will also work well for carpeting. For example, you can select a dark, grayish green for your hallways where the foot traffic is highest. The darker color will help to hide any dirt. Then opt for a lighter green color for each of your bedrooms. A mint green will look fabulous in your living areas and keep the decor looking bright and feeling open. Blue suede and deep sea blue are also great shades to use in your home and look quite elegant with both traditional and contemporary decor styles.

Coordinating Patterns — Choosing to mix a pattern with a solid in a similar colorway is another way to create a wow factor with carpeting. A fabulous way to do this is alternating the two with a border. It works with either the solid or the pattern as the border. Choose a geometric pattern for the a transitional look or a floral design for a more traditional appearance. This look will work well in a hallway, a formal dining room, living room, or a master bedroom to give your space a distinctive flair that everyone will love.

high quality carpeting

In a hospitality space, for example, you could also create a stripe pattern with alternating colors.  This could be a striking look in carpeting for a large event space, lobby or entranceway.

When deciding how to carpet a room create a unique high-end look by using multiple shades of one gorgeous color. Using only two or three shades works best to maintain a luxurious look.

For more information about installing carpet in alternating patterns and colors, please contact our design department at Bloomsburg Carpet today.

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A Showstopping Red Carpet

The bold, rich, beauty of the carpet adds to the entire experience

Bloomsburg Carpet Hospitality is proud to have our Axminster carpet be the canvas designers want to use for custom projects.

Bloomsburg Carpet Red Carpet Lyric Theater

The next time you visit the Lyric Theatre, New York City for a show, walk the red carpet and let us know what you think.

Bloomsburg Carpet, Inc. manufactures quality carpets in the USA in a variety of show-stopping styles. For more information about the finest custom hospitality carpeting, please contact us today!

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The Intricacies of Custom Cruise Ship Carpeting

Where big, bold color and style make a statement

Cruise ships are a singular symbol for luxury travel. No longer hosting exclusively niche markets, cruises have become increasingly popular of late for anyone and everyone who wants to sail the high seas in style.

The opulence aboard a cruise ship is without compare. From fore to aft, no detail is overlooked. Often, a cruise ship's entire brand rests upon a kaleidoscope of artistic touches. Many of the particulars may go unnoticed by the average cruise passenger, but each component contributes to an overall atmosphere of lavishness.

Cruise ship carpeting is no exception. A plenitude of intricate patterns and custom made designs exist right under passengers' feet. A cruise ship is a perfect home for such a utilitarian work of art.



Below are examples of custom cruise ship carpeting design patterns, and how they can affect the entire guest experience:

  • Linear Geometric Designs may orient passengers to their general location on the ship, lines or angles indicating fore and aft

  • Round or Spiral Geometric Designs can also point to a place, such as the grande piano in the central lounge

  • Asymmetrical Patterns may lead the way to a social hangout on the ship, like a bar

  • Floral Patterns are sometimes popular in formal dining rooms

  • Painterly Forms are great for carpeting around artistic venues, such as the art gallery

  • Environmental Designs can reflect the ship's destination or home port

  • Neutral Tones may be preferred in cabin walkways and state rooms

  • The Frills or fancy red carpet muffling steps in anticipation as the crowds head to the dining room or the theater


With a cruise ship's high traffic, the carpet needs to be the best available. A high quality weave that will stand the test of time is desired. Still, even the best carpets need to be replaced every so often. Cruise ship carpets are given an overhaul every few years depending on wear and tear, during a dry dock period when maintenance and refurbishments are made.

Bloomsburg Carpets Custom Design Studio is committed to providing the only highest quality in hospitality carpet craftsmanship. We pride ourselves on the time tested techniques we utilize to weave beautiful and finely designed work to compliment any space. We are guided by a pledge to employ environmentally friendly and sustainable methods, as many people in the cruise industry are as well.

For more information about the finest custom hospitality carpeting, please contact us today!

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Premium Style Meets Premium Performance

You no longer have to sacrifice pretty for performance.

Silver Creek's new Castaway Collection maintains it's designer-focused look while adding UV stabilized, wear resistant fibers. Add elegance to any indoor or outdoor space with a basket weave (Maryann), modern plaid (Skipper), and animal print (Ginger).
Silver Creek Carpet
Designed for every palate and tough enough for any room or yard, use our dealer locator to find The Castaway Collection near you
Proudly Woven in the USA!
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product lines visit us at BLOOMSBURGCARPET.COM









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Carpeting for your Boutique Hotel or Airbnb

Nothing is more inviting than a warm and comfortable carpet in your hotel room. Hospitality carpet at its finest.

Quality Rugs for your Airbnb

Carpeting is the perfect choice for small hotels, bed and breakfasts and even Airbnb's. As the former owner and acquaintance of a boutique hotel once said, "It's all about the feel when you walk through the door. You never get a second chance to make a first impression".

Why Carpet Should be Your Number One Choice

Whether in reception, sitting areas or bedrooms, carpet never fails to give guests that warm and welcoming feel every small hotel strives for. Its durability makes it look good day in, and day out. When selected to bring harmony to existing room decor and furnishings, it frequently is the final link that gives a room the Wow factor. Carpeting today comes in so many colors, materials, patterns, and textures that choosing the perfect design for each individual area can be quite challenging.

Balancing Your Hotel's Eco-Friendly Initiatives with Your Decor

Hospitality businesses are increasingly concerned about their personal impact on the environment, and are selecting materials for their businesses that minimize waste and encourage guests to reduce, reuse and recycle. Guests are encouraged to reuse towels and sheets for example, and in return businesses are promoting eco-friendly practices that they too are adopting – LED lights, programmable thermostats, organic cotton linens etc. Carpet manufacturers also embrace these goals and can be a major part of your eco program. Ask for Green Label Plus products and consider natural wool fiber carpets – the ultimate in a renewable and biodegradable resource.

What To Look For

Seeking the advice of a professional carpet manufacturer or dealer is one of the first steps recommended in any renovation or new design. It can, quite literally, save you hours of time – something few hospitality professionals or designers have much of anyway!

For example a reception area is typically a high traffic area. Every guest checks in here when they arrive and when they leave. Debris from shoes will enter into the building.

Carpet professionals have the experience to identify the best type and quality of carpet, taking account of foot traffic, climate, and eco-friendly considerations. A dedicated professional will also make recommendations to help minimize wear and tear on your building's floor surfaces in general – add door mats and grilles for example to entry ways to minimize the impact.

Ongoing Maintenance

Regular vacuuming is the key to keeping all carpeted areas pristine.

In the real world of hospitality, you will inevitably watch a cup of coffee spill or wine glass hit the floor. Address these mishaps as soon as you can. Spot clean that area with a recommended cleaning product and move on.  

Bloomsbury Carpet has the quality products and expertise to give your hospitality business the "Wow" factor. 

Contact us today to discuss your next carpeting project.

Bloomsburg Carpet, Proudly Woven in the USA!
For more information and to view our Bloomsburg, Silver Creek & Tuva product lines visit us at
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How is Carpet Made? Here’s a peek inside Carpet Made in America

See how carpet at its finest is made in America

From yarn to carpet, this is American craftsmanship at its finest
Bloomsburg CarpetWilton Loom
Watch how carpet is made
Use our website's Dealer/Agent Locator to find Silver Creek Carpet near you!
Proudly Woven in America!
For more information and to view our Bloomsburg, Silver Creek & Tuva 
product lines visit us at
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Introducing Brand New Indoor / Outdoor Rug Collection

The perfect addition to any indoor or outdoor living environment.

Silver Creek’s Indoor/Outdoor Rug Collection features a high performance woven carpet that provides a UV stabilized, weather and wear resistant soft flooring product for both indoor and outdoor spaces. The durable polypropylene carpet is manufactured in 12-foot width and can be produced into rugs using our in-house rug fabrication services.
These Indoor/Outdoor Rugs are a spectacular addition for any indoor or outdoor living space. Consider for the home, hotel, country club, restaurant, or other hospitality environment.
Proudly Woven in the USA!
For more information and to view our Bloomsburg, Silver Creek & Tuva product lines visit us at
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A Peek Into Silver Creek Carpet’s Weaving Process

Carpet at its finest is made right here in America

From yarn to carpet, this is American craftsmanship at its finest
Bloomsburg CarpetWilton Loom
Watch how carpet is made
Use our website's Dealer/Agent Locator to find Silver Creek Carpet near you!
Proudly Woven in America!
For more information and to view our Bloomsburg, Silver Creek & Tuva 
product lines visit us at
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Senior Safety –Why Carpeting Is the Right Choice

Know your options and why carpet makes sense

Carpeting is more than just a pretty covering for your floor; for seniors it's a practical and possibly injury saving addition to their environment. From nursing homes to hospitals the use of durable slip reducing, flame retardant and water resistant carpeting has become mainstream and is proving to provide a safer environment for seniors.

Affordable and Reliable

For charm, color and perceived warmth you can't beat the impact of carpeting, but there are a few rules to keep in mind when shopping for that perfect carpet. Choose carpet that covers a large area, wall to wall is best. Any edges that will be crossed should be secured to the floor. No area rugs or indoor door mats. They slide and roll easily and can be hazardous to those with less than secure footing. The carpet you choose should be low or lower in pile height and have a non-slip backing or installed pad. Again the pad height shouldn't be overly thick.

Better Grip Means No Slip

Seniors who walk unassisted, and those who use a cane or walker to stabilize themselves, all benefit from the texture of carpeting. It prevents equipment, and shoes or bare feet, from slipping. Even wet or damp carpet reduces the fall risk by offering better grip underfoot, and studies show that seniors who do slip and fall on a carpeted floor are twice as likely to avoid serious injuries.

There Are Plenty of Choices

There are plenty of good reasons to consider carpeting for seniors but improved safety is the most important reason of all.


For quality, beautiful, luxury carpeting that is Made in America, Visit Bloomsburg Carpet, Carpet at it's Finest
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