Premium Style Meets Premium Performance

Silver Creek welcomes Lovie (floral), Thurston (stripe), Professor (plaid), and Minnow (basket-weave) to it's indoor/outdoor collection! Back with brand new designs and the same strong, weather resilient and UV stabilized construction, Silver Creek's indoor/outdoor lines are perfect for a spring redesign.





Also, check out the new colorways for our best selling Ginger patterns!

Designed for every palate and tough enough for any room, indoor or outdoor. Use our dealer locator to find Silver Creek's Indoor/Outdoor products near you.

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What’s the difference between luxury carpets and standard carpets?

Quality Carpet is the Right Choice

When choosing the right carpet for your space remember that, like with anything else in life, you'll get what you pay for. Luxury wall-to-wall carpeting adds a feeling of elegance and comfort that will not be matched by the cheaper imitations of standard carpeting. This difference is not only reflected in the look, feel and construction of the materials– luxury carpet is also much more durable and long-lasting, making it the smarter investment in the long run.  

The Value Of Luxury Carpeting

Luxury carpets offer more than just elegance. They also enhance your use of the space with high functionality, including a higher pile density that  provides a soft landing for feet and dampens sounds. Luxury carpets create a more comfortable, harmonious environment that enriches your use of the space. Unlike cheaply made carpeting, which can quickly look worn down or develop runs, luxury carpets go the distance. With proper care, this investment will remain beautiful and luxurious for many years to come.

Choosing The Right Luxury Carpet For Your Space

Luxury carpeting is flexible to your needs, in terms of both style and function. For a bedroom, create an inner sanctuary ideal for sleeping with muted patterns and the rich softness of deep pile. In a high traffic area, or a workspace, choose solid colors and a lower pile that allows for easier movement of people and furniture. Luxury carpeting is great to look at but it's main priority is to be useful and enjoyable for everyone using the space. 

A Leading Provider Of Luxury Carpeting

Bloomsburg Carpet and Flooring products are made with pride in the United States. A commitment to high quality craftsmanship has made us a leader in the luxury carpeting industry for over 40 years. Our highly skilled workers use fine materials and a labor-intensive weaving process to create luxury carpets that are beautiful, durable and functional. Choose the perfect flooring solution from our wide variety of colors, styles, and textures.  

Let us know how Bloomsburg Carpet can help you find a beautiful carpet that will serve the needs of your space for many years to come. 


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Modern Wool Creations


Furrow and Reveal feature Tuva Bloomsburg's heathered yarns with two very different textures. Furrow, a thick nubby loop with an elegant woolen face and Reveal, a tighter and more refined cut and loop construction. Both are brand new to the Tuva Bloomsburg collection and use natural striations to take the classic woolen feel into a modern design aesthetic.

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Framing your carpet or rug with a beautiful border

   This is a great year to buy a new carpet because of all the exciting patterns available. There are business-like plaids, fun repeating shapes, geometric patterns and charming colors. But you know what makes these designs even more attractive? Borders. A wide frame in a complementary color or pattern can kick any carpet's fashion quotient up a notch, and here is why:

Eye-Catching Contrast

   Anyone who has had a painting framed knows that the surrounding material can enhance the picture in the frame. The frame can emphasize the colors of the picture, give it a sturdier appearance, and add to it's beauty. The contrasting pattern of a carpet border has a similar effect with carpets. People naturally notice contrast as it helps the complementary colors of your carpet pop. If your goal is to make a statement or be a little different in your interior decor, then carpets with borders is certainly a consideration.

Other reasons to add a border to your rug or wall to wall carpeting decor

It adds the appearance, quality and texture. Contrasting patterns and colors draw the eye to the weave of the carpet and the sharp change in pattern gives the impression that the weave is different on the border. If you want to play it safe in your decor, using paint and furniture in neutral colors, adding a splash of color and pattern in your rug, throw pillows and curtains is a way of committing for now – and it's always changeable at a later date if your tastes tend to change.  

    If you are thinking about redecorating and want to see carpet borders and other luxury carpet ideas, contact us. Bloomsburg Carpet Inc. proudly woven in America since 1976.  

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With 10 New Product Releases, Here's Our Year In Review

2018 was a big year for Silver Creek product releases, with a range of different materials featured throughout.

Take a look back at all of our 2018 releases below and prepare for an exciting 2019, with many more gorgeous color palette's, textures, and designs to come.



Cambridge and Kensington take the bespoke style made famous from London's Savile Row and tailor it for the floor. Kensington, the modern pin stripe, and Cambridge, the small scale herringbone, are the first iterations of our Savile Row collection. Dress up your floors with Savile Row's cozy 100% wool construction.

See the entire Savile Collection >



Color Magic pulls 8 beautiful colorways out of a top hat to perfectly accent any room. Color Magic features a wide array of fresh new colors; from sherbet to denim, you are sure to find the color that suits you.

See the entire Color Magic Collection >



You no longer have to sacrifice pretty for performance. Silver Creek's new Castaway Collection maintains it's designer-focused look while adding UV stabilized, wear resistant fibers. Add elegance to any indoor or outdoor space with a basket weave (Maryann), modern plaid (Skipper), and animal print (Ginger).

See the entire Castaway Collection >



Furrow is a thick nubby loop with a soft woolen face.

See the entire Furrow Collection >



Reveal uses the same yarn as Furrow but is woven to appeal to a more tailored and tight construction.

See the entire Reveal Collection >



Heather Shear features 11 colorways with soft and sturdy 100% wool fibers. A random tip shear gives Heather Shear a beautifully tailored texture, perfect for any room setting.

See the entire Heather Shear Collection >



In-Grain is a nod to wood grain's natural striations and is designed to express beauty inherent in natural materials. Featuring 13 colorways, the natural grain design meets the rugged solution dyed nylon fiber.

See the entire In-Grain Collection >


See the entire Silver Creek Collection >

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Remembering Raymond Habib


Raymond Peter Habib
July 8, 1926 – January 17th, 2019

Thursday, January 17th, 2019, Raymond Peter Habib, founder and former CEO of Bloomsburg Carpet Industries passed away peacefully in his home, at the age of 92.

After volunteering for service in World War II, Raymond went on to graduate from Fordham University with a degree in Business. Shortly after graduating, Ray was hired to be a salesman for Magee Carpets, where he would spend the next 25 years learning the nuances of the carpet industry and work his way up to Vice President of their Contract Carpet division.  

In 1976, Raymond would part ways with Magee Carpets and build a new company, Bloomsburg Carpet, with 12 loyal employees and only a few looms. Today, Bloomsburg Carpet has over 200 employees and dozens of looms and continues to be lead by Ray’s son, Thomas Habib, with the same dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

When Ray wasn’t running between the Bloomsburg, PA mill and the New York City sales office, he would be found at the driving range or on the links. Ray is survived by his wife of 59 years, Elaine, as well as his children, Raymond Jr. (Valerie), Thomas (Alice), John (Tanya) and Catherine (Michael Joyce), his grandchildren and a great granddaughter.

He was a man of principle and his legacy is forever imprinted in the foundation of Bloomsburg Carpet.

Raymond Peter Habib
July 8, 1926 – January 17th, 2019



Choosing The Right Carpet For Your Office

Make it a place you're proud to entertain customers or clients

   Corporate clients are a discerning bunch when it comes to decorating an office space. This is especially true when carpeting an office, since it's a place you spend 40+ hours per week.  It's important to choose a subtle, professional-looking carpet in line with the style of the office. Picking the right office carpet takes considering a few things while shopping.

   Carpet comes in many materials each with advantages that make it suitable for certain applications. Considering traffic areas and activity will happen in an office will help you choose a material. For instance:

1. Wool repels stains and has an appealingly natural texture to it. This makes it great for offices where artists work or people often eat food at their desks. It also has the advantage of being eco-friendly for businesses who want to stress that part of their brand.

2. Nylon is rugged and keeps its shape well. It's easy to clean and resists moisture mightily. This makes it great for rooms that get a lot of wear, might get wet, and is often trampled by the public. 

3. Velvet is soft and looks matted. It tends to show dents, but it is great for any office where people spend a lot of time on the carpet.

Coordinate Colors With The Mood 

   Every office has a different feel to it. Some look industrial chic with open plans and steel furnishings and might call for gray or black carpet. Others are going for a more conservative look, with neutral, beige or earthy tones and textures or for a more minimalist look. Each look says a lot about how a company sees itself and what image they want to convey.  A carpet that matches the preferred look will go a long way to completing the company's brand image. You will want to consider the entire color scheme and style of furnishings before deciding on an office carpet pattern. 

    If you're shopping for new luxury office carpet, keep these things in mind. To search for high-quality, American-made carpet that will look professional and luxurious in your office, contact Bloomsburg Carpet Inc. proudly woven in America since 1976.  

For more information and to view our Bloomsburg, Silver Creek & Tuva Looms product lines visit us at:

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Happy Holidays from Bloomsburg Carpet!

Bloomsburg Carpet wishes you and your family a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!




For more information and to view our Bloomsburg, Silver Creek & Tuva product lines visit us at:

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Have a Cozy Thanksgiving!

Bloomsburg Carpet wishes you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday

Warm up your home with a beautiful wool carpet from our Silver Creek collection



Please see below for our recent introductions:

Cambridge and Kensington by Bloomsburg Carpet

Cambridge and Kensington by Bloomsburg Carpet



View Cambridge     View Kensington


Reveal and Furrow by Bloomsburg Carpet

Reveal and Furrow by Bloomsburg Carpet



View Reveal    View Furrow


For more information and to view our Bloomsburg, Silver Creek & Tuva product lines visit us at:

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Luxury Carpet: Accept No Substitutes

Need to make flooring decisions? We can help

An Unavoidable Choice
What we cover our floors with matters. It's not if we choose, but what we choose. So a "pros and cons" analysis is here. 

Hard Floor Coverings 
Increasingly popular, this option certainly has advantages. Many appreciate the appeal of less maintenance compared to carpet. Combine that with the variety available to homeowners. Hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile: each of these options has a huge selection to choose from.

But are there drawbacks? Below are a few:

•  Not one hard floor covering provides the noise reducing effect of wall-to-wall carpeting.

•  Carpet also provides a softness and physical comfort factor lacking in hard floors.

•  Although it may seem like maintenance for hard floor coverings may be slightly reduced, they require more day to day cleaning.

•  Finally, damage and "wear and tear" do occur. Only a diamond is forever. 

"Affordable" Carpet 

Oddly enough, those who choose hard floors invariably cover part of it with area rugs. This is testimony to the desirability of a carpeted floor. And when people are inclined to choose carpeting, they are sometimes attracted to less expensive selections. The consumer's belief could be that there's no reason to spend more on carpeting than necessary.

But let's not ignore the valid reasons to purchase a higher-end carpet:

The Preferred Choice: Luxury Carpeting

•  Comfort: The price of quality carpeting is justifiable because you're receiving a more densely produced carpet. Literally, that means more fibers per square inch. That means a more comfortable "quality of life" experience.   

•  Durability: In concert with the reason mentioned above, luxury carpet lasts longer simply because there's more fiber to share the effects of daily use.

•  "Cleanability": Carpet fiber is produced from a wide variety of different raw materials. Reasonably, this difference becomes obvious when maintenance and cleaning occur. This simply means that a quality carpet cleans up easier and better than a more "affordable" carpet.


Since all floors are covered by something, when considering carpet, whether for your home, business, or office, consider Bloomsburg Made In America Carpet.  Carpet at it's finest. Bloomsburg Carpet is among the top luxury carpet brands in the world.


Bloomsburg Carpet, Inc. manufactures quality carpets in a variety of colorways and styles. To find a dealer in your area check here.


For more information about the finest custom hospitality carpeting, please contact us directly today!

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