Unique Carpet Trends for 2017

2017 carpet trends continue to expand choices in color, texture, pattern, and material. While interior designers also favor the use of rugs for artistic accent, current styles in wall-to-wall carpeting follow similar emphases:


Bold textures

Vivid color and pattern

Natural and eco-friendly materials



Comfy, Natural,  tones

Neutrals remain steadily in demand, but designers and consumers increasingly choose vivid-toned floor covering to punctuate their personal style. Geometric patterns and culturally inspired textures in orange, berry, or blue “statement tones” add visual interest against the traditional cream or beige base. Color informs the new definition of “neutral”, which encompasses pale yellows, selected shades of blue, and soft greens. (In fact, Pantone© calls “Greenery”, 2017’s Color of the Year, “nature’s neutral”.)

The continued popularity of more rustic looks and textures turns interest toward natural materials such as sisal, jute, or rope. These provide textural diversity beyond the typical plush or Berber styles. They also meet the increasing demand for sustainable decor options. Designers are experimenting with layers, adding vibrant textile pieces over chunky, rougher textures for example. Carpet manufacturers have also increased the number and variety of their recycled-material offerings. These carpets meet customers’ needs for hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly floor coverings.

Texture also trends toward comfort in 2017. Dense twists, chunky felts, and over-sized loop piles combine wool with a myriad of other fibers, such as silk, linen, cotton, even paper. These create a luxurious multi-layered feel even within a single carpet, woven into designs as separate accents (such as the patterns noted above). In addition, vintage or nostalgia carpets marry tactile comfort with bold visual interest. Designers are mixing brighter-colored surfaces with those having a more aged patina, keeping with the mix/match/layer trend.

Today, more than ever, consumers and designers can uniquely personalize their decor using floor covering as more than a “blank canvas”. Contact Bloomsburg Carpet to learn how our array of luxurious, durable, sustainable products can become the basis for your signature statement.

To find out more about our high end carpet and to check out more Bloomsburg Carpet designs, please visit our website to see all Silver Creek, Tuva Looms & Bloomsburg Carpet offerings and to find an Agent or Dealer in your area. 

Bloomsburg Carpet is proudly woven in the U.S.A.

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Carpet Your Stairs Like A Pro

Carpeting a staircase typically makes for a softer, safer climb and descent, but it can also make a stairway stand out as a feature in your home. Still, there's more to carpeting a stairway than just picking out a carpet you like and having it installed. There are things to consider like how to coordinate with flooring at the bottom of the stairs, and at the top, especially if one floor is carpeted and the other is not.

Carpet for Stairway by Bloomsburg Carpet

Carpet for Stairway by Bloomsburg Carpet

If you're wondering what type of carpet will work best on stairs, the answer is generally any type of carpet you like, with a couple of caveats …

  • Avoid extra-thick carpeting since it's difficult to wrap around the edge of the stair and fasten into place. Thick carpeting also tends to be slippery and can present a safety hazard on stairs.
  • If you're worried about visible seams around posts, choose a longer pile such as a frieze or Saxony, which tend to hide seams better than shorter or looped pile.
  • Stairs are considered a "high-traffic" area, since they're used often, but also due to the added force of gravity as you descend. For that reason, it's always advisable to use the highest-quality carpet and padding you can afford. While it may cost a little more upfront, it'll definitely save you money in the long-run since it won't have to be replaced as often.



Here are some tips from interior designers to help you create a stairway with both flair and practicality …

Pattern Plays

If your decorating style leans toward a modern aesthetic with neutral white or off-white walls, consider that a patterned stair runner can provide the warmth that modern settings often lack. What's more, the pattern itself will stand out like art when set against a neutral background.

Creating a Tailored Look

In a formal setting, a stairway carpet with a tailored flair fits right in. Here, the installer uses a "cap and band" or French cap method where the carpet is stapled under the nose of the stair tread, and tight to the riser, for a polished look on a traditional staircase.


If you've got hardwood floors at the bottom and carpeting at the top of the stairs, have your stairs carpeted runner style, so that the wooden edges of the stairs coordinate with the ground floor and the centers coordinate with the second floor carpeting. This eliminates any awkward transitioning between floors.

If your upstairs is carpeted (as many second floors with bedrooms are), it's usual to match the stairway carpeting to the upstairs carpeting.

If both downstairs and upstairs are hardwood, find a carpet that coordinates with the stain color on the floors for a seamless transition from the carpeted stairway to the bare floor. (Note, it doesn't have to match the floor exactly — just coordinate well with the tones in the wood.)

You can use the same trick for homes with carpeting on both floors by coordinating the stairway carpeting with the main carpeted areas. This creates continuity without having everything match exactly.

Bloomsburg Carpet is proudly woven in the U.S.A. 

To find out more about our high end carpet and to check out more Bloomsburg Carpet designs, please visit our website to see all Silver Creek, Tuva Looms & Bloomsburg Carpet offerings and to find an Agent or Dealer in your area.


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Carpet’s Going Green in More Ways Than One

If you are looking to decorate your home or office this year you should know;
Green is the color that is trending for 2017!


These are not you mother's greens…


Neutrals mixed with different tones of green are classy and elegant

Combined with texture, our woven wool designs are of the highest quality for any room in the home or office.


Picture this handsome plaid carpeting in greens mixed with red, in the library, den or man cave. 

Our carpet is Green Label Plus too, which means that At Bloomsburg Carpet, we design, develop, and create products that avoid depletion of raw material resources and prevent further environmental degradation.  We are dedicated to using environmentlly friendly nylons and yarns.  Our pledge: Carpets made from Bloomsburg Nylon and Zeftron nylon, or any currently installed carpets being replaced with Bloomsburg Nylon, are eligible for our recycling program. We guarantee that the recovered nylon face fiber will not be landfilled.

Bloomsburg Carpet is proudly woven in the U.S.A. 

To find out more about our high end carpet and to check out more Green Bloomsburg Carpet designs, please visit our website to see all Silver Creek, Tuva Looms & Bloomsburg Carpet offerings and to find an Agent or Dealer in your area.


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Bloomsburg Carpet Launches Custom Rug Program

Bloombsurg Carpet's Custom Sized Rug Binding and Serging Program

Hundreds of Styles and Colors to choose from


For the first time, Bloomsburg Carpet brings your their fantastic, luxury, made in America carpet in a full custom rug program. 

Here are some highlights of the program:

• Custom sizing on hundreds of Bloomsburg Carpet, Silver Creek Carpet and Tuva Looms products, up to 12 feet in width
• Serged or bound edges; with three different binding widths
• Quick Ship Program: Expedited order processing available
• Rug padding available
• Crafted in the USA

To find out more about our high end carpet products proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. –

Please Visit our website to see all Silver Creek, Tuva Looms & Bloomsburg Carpet offerings and to find an Agent or Dealer in your area.


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Three High End Custom Carpet Installations by Bloomsburg Carpet

Jackson Mansion Custom Carpet

Custom Carpet, Made In America and Manufactured by Bloomsburg Carpet


Made in America high end Carpet by Bloomsburg Carpet

The Inn at Turkey Hill Custom Carpet Instllation


Bloomsburg Carpet is proud to design and manufacture high end custom carpet for some distinguished American businesses, clubs and hotels including those shown here:

First Columbia Bank

The Inn at Turkey Hill

The Jackson Mansion


To find out more about how Bloomsburg Carpet can turn your corporate or residential space into a a luxuriously appointed sanctuary, our design lab awaits your call.    (800) 233-8773

Please also visit our website to see all Silver Creek, Tuva Looms & Bloomsburg Carpet offerings and to find an Agent or Dealer in your area.

All Bloomsburg Carpet Products are proudly woven in the U.S.A.


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Brand New Hits From Silver Creek Carpet

Ariel and Belle by Siver Creek Carpet

Ariel and Belle by Siver Creek Carpet


Silver Creek Carpet was proud to introduce several exciting products to the marketplace during last week’s International SURFACES Event. Two Bloomsburg products that received incredibly positive feedback were Belle and Ariel.

Belle and Ariel feature transitional patterns with a shiny nylon fiber to contrast with our classic natural wool backgrounds. Now in stock in all colorways.

All Bloomsburg Carpet products are proudly made in the USA.

Visit our website to check out all Silver Creek, Tuva & Bloomsburg Carpet offerings and to find an Agent or Dealer in your area.

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Find out How Carpet Helps Reduce Allergies & Asthma

Carpet is best for Allergy Suffers

A comfortable, stylish, carpet is one of the best tools in your home to battle allergies and asthma. You may have heard that carpeted flooring is a poor option for individuals with respiratory difficulties, however, you may be surprised to learn, that relevant data refutes this.  It even suggests that properly maintained carpeted flooring can help reduce allergies and encourage good health. 

The Facts

One of the most comprehensive studies on this subject is a fifteen-year long Swedish study that was conducted at a time in which carpet usage was down 70 percent. During this time allergy symptoms, in the same area of Sweden, increased by 30 percent. (United Allergy Services Blog)

A 2003 study conducted in New Jersey found that children that live in carpeted homes miss fewer days of school and require less asthma medication. 

How Carpet Helps Reduce Allergies & Asthma Symptoms

Carpet acts like a filter for all of the allergies that collect in a home or business. Dust, pollen, and pet dander become trapped in the carpet fibers. A regular routine of vacuuming and shampooing will keep these allergies from building up and save you from their effects.

It is very important to consider your health when making any purchase. A good carpet is the best defense against allergens and their effects. The notion that carpeted floors provide a haven for dust mites, pollen, and pet dander has been disproved. Carpets can act as a filter that holds on to these allergens and allows for easy cleanup. 

Contact Bloomsburg Carpet to discuss all of your flooring options and discover the clean, comfortable way to decorate your home.

To view a wide range of carpet styles, colors and patterns, visit BloomsburgCarpet.com  Carpet Made in the USA, by Bloomsburg. 

Click here to find a dealer in your area.


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Choosing the right carpet for your new office space


Choosing a carpet for your office isn't as hard as it seems


So, you've settled on a new office location in a hoppin' business district right across the street from a Ramen Express and you're excited to settle into your new space. There's only one problem; before you move in the furniture, the place needs new carpet.

No need to stress about something like carpet; there are plenty of options to fit exactly what you like. The tricky part is identifying exactly what you have in mind; and that's not done by thinking about carpet, but by thinking about what atmosphere you wish to create in your office.

There are 3 main things to consider before making your choice, and you as an individual can decide the importance of each:


Do you want to create a cool atmosphere or a warm one? (For instance, if you have a business selling heating systems, you may want to avoid large amounts of blue in your office.)

Are you wanting to appear serious or friendly? 

Basic colors are divided into "temperatures" as following:

Cool colors include blues, greens, turquoise, and white.

Warm colors include reds, oranges, browns, and the different variants of these.

Keep in mind dark colors will create more contrast with lighter walls. Darker may create a more dramatic and sophisticated feel. 


This can be a matter of personal preference as well as a matter of practicality. (For instance, if you are a business that hires men with chainsaws to trim trees along the highway, and they come in every Friday to get their paychecks and leave wood chips on the floor, shag carpet is probably not a wise choice.)

Raised designs enhance an elegant look; low, tight weaves support a no-nonsense attitude; shag indicates…well, you can draw your own conclusions.  Be sure that a texture or pattern doesn't overpower a room, rather compliments it. 


Finally, make your choice based on the quality and durability of the product you have in mind (you won't want to replace it again any time soon). Always research the brands and read reviews; check the warranties; compare prices of different suppliers.

Choosing the right carpet for your office can be a fun, exciting event! Instead of getting overwhelmed at all the options, just relax and be true to what your office represents; it represents you.

To view a wide range of carpet styles, colors and patterns, visit BloomsburgCarpet.com , Carpet Made In The USA.

Contact us to obtain samples or ask questions.

Click here to find a dealer in your area.


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Carpeting: How to Choose a Color that Will Work for Years to Come

Silver Creek, by Bloomsburg Carpet. Astro, Cosmo and Elroy

Silver Creek, by Bloomsburg Carpet. Astro, Cosmo and Elroy

Carpeting is an investment that has a big impact on any room. Aside from things like carpet type, fiber, pattern and quality, you have to decide on color. For those who love monochromatic rooms, it can be a relatively easy decision, but for most of us, it's one of the toughest choices. You don't want to simply choose a color you love, or you may find yourself in the difficult position of trying to make the rest of the room "go with" the carpeting! What's more, it can be extremely difficult to visualize what a color will look like in a room, just by looking at a little swatch. If you're just not sure where to start when it comes to deciding what color carpeting to choose, read on for a few pointers:

Look at These Things First

When carpeting a living room or family room, look at your sofa for inspiration. Most sofas, unless custom-made, come in a limited range of four or five colors. Start your decision-making process by looking at your room and finding the element or elements that you can't — or don't intend to — change.

Next, consider the walls. Are they a neutral hue that will go with almost any color? Are you planning to change the color? If you are planning to repaint your room, choose a wall color first and get any painting done before having new carpeting installed. That will make your choice of carpet color a little less tricky.

Why a Neutral Color Choice May Be Your Best Bet

Carpet, because it covers a large area, can have a huge impact in a room. Replacing a carpet every few years is not in the cards for many of us, which is one reason that neutral colors are the biggest sellers in carpeting. You can always add some of your favorite colors with less expensive elements in the room such as accent pillows, draperies and artwork.

A neutral carpet doesn't necessarily mean a boring carpet. Add interest with texture using friezes or cut and loop styles. You can also choose a flecked neutral, for a subtle touch of color. (Bonus: Flecked styles also help hide lint and bits of dirt in between vacuuming.)

Consider Your Lifestyle

If you have kids and/or pets, you probably don't want white or cream-colored carpeting, which will show spots and stains more than other colors. By the same token, even though a dark color may be great for hiding stains, it will also show lint and dust more than other colors. If you decide to go for a color rather than a neutral, stick with a mid-tone. A carpet that's neither light nor dark will be best at masking spots, stains, lint and dust.  Anticipating what will last long term, style-wise, and color-wise is always wise. 😉

To view a wide range of carpet styles, colors and patterns, visit BloomsburgCarpet.com  

Contact us to obtain samples or ask questions.

Click here to find a dealer in your area.


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Things To Keep In Mind When Carpeting A Child’s Room

Carpeting certainly makes a lot of sense if you are trying to decide on a flooring option for a child or baby's room. It's provides warmth and padding for falls and can be a comfortable place to sit, crawl or lie down. Unless you have a child that suffers from allergens that can become caught in the carpet fibers, it's really a great idea.

There are, however, something things you will want to keep in mind in deciding to carpet a childs room

  • Choose a fiber and style that will be easy to clean. All parents know that spills are a part of life for children and toddlers and unless you have a rule that no snacks or drinks are allowed in their room, there will be spills.
  • Consider safety issues. Wool is naturally resistant to fire, but it is also one of the most expensive carpet types. You can also find carpet that is less likely to carry allergens, are stain resistant and the options go on and on. Make a list of what your major concerns are before you begin shopping.
  • Pick a color, design or style that will grow with your child. You may not mind changing the carpeting in a couple of years if you have the money to do so, but not everyone want to undergo that type of job so soon. Choosing a carpet that will be appropriate for years to come will rectify that problem. Remember that you can put out throw rugs, play rugs and so forth, that can be moved around and washed.

Aside from these tips, remember that regular maintenance such as vacuuming and cleaning up spills immediately can help prolong the life of your carpeting. If you have any questions or would like help carpeting your child's room or any room in your home or office, please feel free to visit our website or contact us.

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