Sneak Peek At Bloomsburg Carpet’s Newest Hit: Blanquette



Bloomsburg Carpet introduces Blanquette, a modern masterpiece that combines the finest woolen yarns with lustrous accent yarns. 

Classic coloring and durably woven into a rich texture, Blanquette is the perfect fit for any installation.  

Available in 8 different colorways, Blanquette is certified as Green Label Plus and proudly made in the U.S.A. 

See it here

For any questions or LEED information, please contact either your local sales representative or

Some Great Ideas for Home Theater Carpeting

Home theaters have become a highly desired feature in many fine homes. The entertainment value they provide appeals to an increasing number of home owners, not to mention home theater's added contribution to a home's resale value. 

Luxury Home Theater Carpet

Luxury Home Theater Carpet

Home theater carpeting plays a huge role in the success of a home theater, not only from an aesthetic perspective, but also because of the sound absorbent qualities it can impart. There are many great options for home theater carpet ideas that not only look beautiful, but that help sharpen the acoustic quality of the room as well.

Ideas for Home Theater Carpeting 

The scale and size of a home theater can help determine some of the more important design considerations. Larger rooms may experience echo effects from the theater speakers.  A soft, plush velvet carpet such as Bloomsberg's Pom-Pom Bluet acts, not only to muffle the echoes.  It also provides a plush, luxurious theater ambience to the room.  The carpet comes in a variety of colors, but the Bluet hue adds an especially bright, theater-like touch.

Carpeting in cinema-themed home theaters are often chosen specifically to project a genuine theater feel. This type of carpeting comes in a wide range of styles and in varying grades and prices. Carpets that are a bit more plush and that have extra heft, tend to work better in home theater settings than their thinner counterparts. Bloomsburg carpet offers a number of suitable carpet types.

Home Theatre Carpet

Luxury Carpeting by Bloomsburg Carpet

The eye-appeal of Bloomsburg's Straightaway striped carpeting is striking. The lush, thick, velvety texture feels great underfoot, and helps substantially dampen sound for a clearer, cleaner effect. 

Home owners who prefer solid colors can add a contrasting border for a classic, yet dramatic effect.  Bloomsburg's Axminster weave Crossover Border carpet provides luxurious texture with traditional style.

Contact Us

If you are considering installing a home theater, please contact us for your carpeting needs.  Bloomsburg Carpet carries the fine, high quality carpeting that you want.


Photo Credits Slayman Cinema  – – Luxury Carpeting by Bloomsburg Carpet

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Cool Summer Styles from Bloomsburg Carpet

As the Summer begins to wind down, now is a great time to check out some cool designs from Silver Creek, by Bloomsburg Carpet. Astro, Cosmo and Elroy feature a sophisticated flatweave style design, creating a "carved" dimension. Wrap your Summer up with the finest American made woven carpet.

See and feel the new products for yourself; available in four color ways.  

Visit and for more information.

Silver Creek, by Bloomsburg Carpet. Astro, Cosmo and Elroy

Silver Creek, by Bloomsburg Carpet. Astro, Cosmo and Elroy

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The Top Carpet Trends for 2016

Rosario | Saddle

Color and texture are the operative terms for the top carpet trends for 2016. This is the year to reach beyond the neutral beige and tan colors to bring carpet out of the background and into the forefront as an important decorating element.

The many color variations, patterns and textures now available are elevating carpet as the focal point of inspirational interior designs.

The color of a room's carpeting can make the room look more expansive, or smaller and cozier, as desired.  For instance, a Silver Creek brand, 100% wool, Wilton special weave in a deep Saddle color with a beige border can offer the same neutral advantages as a light beige carpet, but the darker brown makes any room appear cozy and intimate.

A major shift in carpet trends for 2016 is toward soft texture and layered color. Bloomsburg's soft Open Plain/Orient style nylon velvet carpet with a jute backing comes in a deep shade of red, which is arresting without being overwhelming. The demure vertical pattern has the same effect as the dark Saddle carpet, in terms of providing a more intimate environment, but can tie in different colored accents in a way that includes the carpet as a primary design element. 

White carpeting is also trending this year, because of its ability to make a small room look larger.  A patterned white carpet, such as Bloomsburg's Marta/Ivory style in 69% wool, and 31% nylon in a Wilton weave with a jute backing, can add special visual interest and is easier to maintain than stark white carpeting. The two pale shades of high quality carpet can go far to not only visually expand a room, but to also tie it together with wall or trim colors.

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities inherent in high quality carpeting, please contact us for further information or visit Bloomsburg Carpet Here to see our quality carpet collections. 

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Relax in your Home with Beautiful Broadloom By Barbara Barry

See the Barbara Barry collection here

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Four Good Reasons to Have Your Carpet Cleaned Regularly

Part of maintaining the beautiful quality of carpeting in a home is to invest in regular cleanings. Allowing a carpet to become soiled can quickly detract from a room's appearance and even pose a health hazard to occupants. There are several benefits that regular carpet cleanings can provide to a home's general upkeep.

1. Remove Allergens 

The cleanliness of a carpet can directly influence the quality of a room's air. Pollutants like dust, mites, and pollen can become trapped in the fibers of a carpet and be released into the room. but don't fret, a quality carpet steam cleaner can rid of the carpet of such allergens, improving air quality and debis as well as improving the smell of ones home.

2. Extend Carpet's Lifetime

Regular cleaning can protect the warranty of carpeting and slow down its natural wear. Making a habit of cleaning a carpet even when new can extend the period of time for which it appears the most vibrant and help to retain the texture of the fibers.

3. Reverse Pet-Related Stains and Aromas

Cleaning a carpet is especially essential for pet owners. Dogs and cats shed thousands of hairs and dander that can become trapped in carpeting, and household soiling can promote bacterial growth. Carpet cleaning can eliminate pet-associated scents and unsightly stains.

4. Prevent Mold

Carpets which are not routinely cleaned can foster mold spores. These spores can, over time, proliferate into colonies and spread through the carpeting and nearby furniture. Mold grows readily on damp areas, such as an untreated stain, so maintaining the cleanliness of a carpet can prevent mold from taking root in a home. 

In order to maximize a carpet's appearance and quality, regular cleanings are an important investment.

Bloomsburg Carpet carries an extensive line of high quality carpet in a wide array of colors and patterns.  For more information on purchasing high quality carpeting, please visit us at or contact us for further information.

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8 Great Reasons to Choose Carpet for your Next Room Renovation

When renovating one's home, high quality carpeting can play a major role in establishing the room's overall look and feel. It can also provide the inspiration for its color scheme, upon which to build accents, select furniture and accessories. Here are 8 Great Reasons to Choose Carpet for your Next Room Renovation


With the myriad of cuts, patterns, and colors available, there are unlimited possibilities to satisfy any desired style statement, whether contemporary or traditional, dramatic or subtle. High quality carpet has what it takes to pull the look together.

Sound Buffering

A well made carpet has the capacity to absorb sound.  Carpeting with padding underneath further enhances this ability.

Energy Conservation

High end carpet has the potential to make a major contribution to the insulation of any room's environment.  It insulates floors, and also provides a psychological feeling of warmth.


Falls most often happen on tiled or wooden floors.  Carpeting adds traction and substantially reduces the risk of falls.

Health Benefits

High quality carpet can trap dust and other allergens holding them in place until it is vacuumed.


Carpeting requires less effort to maintain than hard surface flooring. Hard flooring often becomes scratched and requires rerefinishing. This factor leads to carpet costing less to maintain as well.


Carpeting has the potential to unify the décor of any room with patterns, textures, pile heights and colors. High end carpeting can create virtually any look you want.


The soft, tactile feel of high quality carpeting creates a cozy atmosphere in any room, enabling one to toss a pillow down and curl up to read a book or sit in front of a fireplace in complete comfort.

Bloomsburg Carpet carries an extensive line of high quality carpet in a wide array of colors and patterns.  Please contact us for further information.

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Happy 4th of July From Our Family to Yours!

Carpets Made in America

Bloomsburg Carpet – Made In the U.S.A.


Bloomsburg Carpet is proud to be Made In America.  Every product across Bloomsburg Carpet’s Collections including Silver Creek Carpet and Tuva Looms Brand are woven in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.  Our quality and craftsmanship are second to none.  

For the past 40 years, Bloomsburg Carpet has been a leader in woven carpet for any commercial or residential installation. Many Bloomsburg Carpet employees are third generation weavers, possessing experience, knowledge and skills that are as much handed down as individually learned. Their unique skill set and attention to detail have helped Bloomsburg Carpet build its reputation as the finest carpet manufacturer in America.

To learn more about Bloomsburg Carpet and our American weaving heritage, please visit

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How To Find the Best Quality Carpeting Made in America: The Pros and Cons


Selecting the best, American-made carpet for your needs can seem like a daunting task, but we are here to help you in your search.

Gracie_Oyster_room set 3

1. Choosing the Right Fiber

According to This Old House, there are 5 main categories of fiber:

  • Wool (and Wool Blends)- Pros: softer, highly durable, and stain resistant. Cons: price.
  • Nylon – Pros: similar to wool in durability and feel, stain resistant, affordable. Cons: price for the higher end lines.
  • Olefin (polypropylene) – Pros: durable, water and stain resistant. Cons: resiliency. Recommended for low-pile carpets only.
  • Polyester – Pros: soft, holds color, resists soil. Cons: resiliency.
  • Acrylic – Pros: can look and feel like wool, moisture and mildew resistant. Cons: resiliency. Not recommended for carpeting in rooms (usually reserved for bathroom mats).

2. Choosing the Right Style

This Old House also addresses three main styles of carpeting:

  • Loop-pile carpets – Pros: durability. Cons: difficult to keep clean. Can be used in high traffic areas. Example: berber
  • Cut-pile carpets – Pros: look and feel. Cons: durability. Examples: (least durable to most) velvets, saxonies, friezes
  • Cut-loop pile – Pros: durability. Recommended for stairways and informal rooms.

Keep in mind that the higher the pile on your carpet, the less durable it will be.

3. Importance of Weight

The weight of a square yard of carpet will give you a better idea of how much yarn the carpet contains, and the higher the weight, the longer that product will last (according to This Old House). Be careful you are only comparing the weight of similar products, though, as different fibers are going to have different weights.

4. Read the Fine Print – The Warranty

As with any product, the length of the warranty that the company includes (at no additional cost) offers you a good idea of the typical life-span of your carpet. The longer the warranty is, the better the quality is of the product. Pay close attention to the fine print, as not all warranties reimburse the full cost of the product or replacement.

5. Environmental and Economic Impacts

There is a growing trend among consumers within the U.S. towards American-made, environmentally friendly products, and those who use them take pride in these selections. It may lead to a greater up front cost, but the economic and environmental impacts are invaluable.

Bloomsburg Carpet sells many of the high quality carpeting options mentioned in these tips. We manufacture our products in America and pride ourselves on our environmental sustainability. We sell both commercial and residential carpeting. Contact us for assistance in meeting your carpeting needs!

If you are in the market for new carpeting and seek further advice about how to decorate a room with a summer feel, please visit our website to find an agent or dealer in your area.

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Summer Interior Design Trends; Focus on Carpet

Bloomsburg Carpet

This Style is called Beamish, by Bloomsburg Carpet

This year, summer interior design trends are focused on the differences that carpet can make in a room. The summer season marks the beginning of an exquisite new line of high quality carpet in nature-inspired colors and patterns with the potential to provide a fresh new look for your home or business.

This is the season for ocean inspiration with pastel tonalities, as demonstrated in the Wool Shear line of watercolor offerings.  Be reminded of the beautiful coastal waters with the line's Watercolor Seabreeze, in a pale pastel blue, or the Watercolor Mint, with just a whisper of pastel green.

The coastal inspiration can be extended to the natural shoreline with light sandy earth tones. The Oz line of Wool Wilton weave carpeting echoes traditional and contemporary woven textures with a subtle circular motif and varying pile lengths that resemble brush strokes on canvas. Select a pale Chiffon for a subtle, yet light and bright carpeting effect, or try the slightly darker Latte or Navy shade for more of a dramatic appeal. Silvery Mica adds a touch of elegance to an otherwise casual look, and Oyster adds depth and emotion.

The delicate colors of sea shells also contribute to this year's summer interior design trends for carpeting.  The velvet weave Elegance line of carpet can flow gracefully through a room in barely there shades of Sea Salt or a gentle Mist, with its delicate touch of green, to impart serene reminders of a peaceful ocean retreat.

For more inspirational ideas about summer interior design trends using carpet, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

If you are in the market for new carpeting and seek further advice about how to decorate a room with a summer feel, please visit our website to find an agent or dealer in your area.

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